Metal Gear Survive – Is It Worth Staying Alive?

The first post-Kojima Metal Gear game demands that you constantly eat, drink, and even breathe. But is it fun?

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  1. Dustin Jones

    I do enjoy Metal Gear quite a bit, but this honestly just looks like a really boring game to me. Has nothing to do with the Metal Gear title. Guess we will see how it turns out to be!

  2. Nami

    Fuck yea I Love Metal Gear Ive tried getting my hands on ever game and I know kojima left and left metal gear behind and abandoned the work but dammit I Love metal gear it's fun and a thrill except metal gear 4 which sucked but metal gear needs to survive otherwise I'm bound to go crazy

  3. anand altantsog

    the game is good but unfortunately i wont buy it,due to kojima san's hardwork
    that konami removed kojimas name and the disgrace of a metal gear 3 remastered but only pachinko shit

  4. UrbanDestination

    What the Fluff!? Why make a survival game and slap a Metal Gear name on it. Its a shitty excuse to cash in on the name and it will probably come with loads of microtransactions bullshit or else you play forever.

  5. 12389h

    Not much effort gone into this game . Stabbed the goat with a spear and it just stood there. Pretty clear they're just using the "Metal Gear" name to cash in.

  6. Mikey Cox

    I appreciate you guys for at least trying to talk about the game without jumping on the bandwagon of hate. I was also really surprised it was actually fun, I'm just hoping for chicos unused concept art from phantom pain that would be cool I was sad it wasn't in phantom pain.

  7. nick the human

    I give this game a 5 out of ten not very bad but it can be better and I might buy it it depends and if the full game is somehow worse then the beta I will have no choice but to join the haters

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