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The Top Gear team put the Mazda RX8 through its paces! Watch the official full video in high quality on the BBC Top Gear YouTube channel, and visit for all the latest news and car reviews.

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  1. Rick James

    It has a 1.3 but drinks gas literally like a Mac dump truck. Also the engine needs to be overhauled at 80K max. Some owners had 4 engines before 100K on RX8 club forums thanks to low compression (apex rotor tip seals). It also floods if shut down before a proper warm up. At least Mazda fessed up…extended the warranty due to complaints. Nice car if you swap in an LS. If you keep the motor change the coils every 30K because a failing coil can lead to another rebuild.

  2. doktorbimmer

    Tomorrow, June 21st marks the 5 year anniversary of the final demise of the Wankel engine… Mazda ceased production of all RX models half a decade ago

  3. abeg1571

    I've looked at this car a lot over the last while and it's always seemed the perfect option for me, a sporty coupe with proper rear seat accessibility for the family. The only thing stopping me is there are a lot of people saying this car needs to be constantly filled with engine oil and dies by 100K. What do you lot have to say?

  4. Χρονης Αθανασακης

    I was 4 when this went out now i am 18.I fell in love with it from the first sight and it is still my dream car.I hope one day i will be able to have one.

  5. arianm

    You gotta do your research before you buy any car let alone a car like this. A simple search will tell you that the rx8s gulp gas like no tomorrow and need careful and more than regular preventative maintenance. It's definitely a car that you shouldn't buy if ur interested in fuel efficiency; rather people that buy them are enthusiasts and are looking to enjoy the ride. It's probably one of the most unique cars on the road today in terms of its engineering. All this bs about shitty reliability couldn't be more wrong. There's a specific way to maintain these beauties. If you know what ur doing it'll be just as reliable as any car on the road. My RX8 has 240000km on the original engine (got it at 120000km) and I haven't had a single issue for 6 yrs other than a power steering harness failure which cost me $100 lol. It's got a lot of mileage now but absolutely no loss in power .Shes still performing as good as day 1.

  6. The Narrator

    It's a wonderful daily, could easily become a beast above 6000 rpm, sounds wonderful, stable power, wankel, 4 seats; but I still wouldn't buy it.

    Because I don't have money.

  7. zoey margera

    is it safe to drive this car on wet road? cuz im afraid of kansei dorifto caused from eurobeat intensive since it rwd car

  8. ger kav

    I bought an Rx8 in 2006 brand new. As of today my odo has more than 160.000 km and the car still goes strong. I have never restored the engine. I keep the maintance by the factory rules and put nothing extra in the car.
    The secrets to keep your Rx8 in good condition are:
    1. Keep maintenance strictly by the book
    2. Don't to anything more or less to improve the engine
    3. Learn to drive it like any other car you might had (warm up time, fast running etc.)
    4. Don't use it in traffic conditions, especially if you live in hot climate like me (Greece). You can use a small city car instead.
    5. You'll get the most of this car in open highways and night drives when the city is empty.
    6. Check oil level every 1.000 km
    7. Fuel consumption is NOT high if you consider the power you get. Travelling (130-150 km/h) goes about 12 lt/100 km. City driving goes about 15-17 lt/100 km. I have a Mercedes c200 kompressor (185 hp) and consumption is the same.
    8. Don't do car competition if you're not ready to pay the price.
    But above all, Rx8 is a unique car and designed on a blank piece of paper. It's not like a VW Golf, Opel Astra, Seat Leon etc etc. You know you have Rx8 and drive it with pride and respect.
    You wont be able to sell it ever. I know guys who sold their Rx8 and got Audi S4, BMW 330 and some other really good cars, but their nostalgia for Rx8 is still strong. Some of them bought back Rx8's and put it with their others car in the garage.
    This is Rx8.
    If anyone here has Rx8 he would agree with all of the above.
    Cheers from Athens, Greece!

  9. Dan -

    Ive wanted one of these for a while really, looks fun andi love the idea of the rotary engine, i always have!
    and think about what you can do to it especally now to make it faster

  10. tom watson

    Best most fun car ive ever owned, maintanence Is ruthless but if you know what your doing with cars its great, you cant get more car for your money if you tried

  11. A Frans

    This car is a nightmare tons of engines problem not worth the risk… If mazada was smart they would release a new version with a proper Engine not that shiet rotor engine without pistons that will most likely break down…

  12. Killer Memestar

    The triangles are a tribute to the rotary engine. This is actually the last car with a rotary engine due to the fact that it’s not efficient and produces a crap ton of fumes.

  13. Dominik Podstawka

    I'm owning RX-8 2004 for 7 months. It won't start now but I know that when I fix it, I will have this fun and smile again. Jeremy – thank you for making me having RX-8 with this video 🙂

  14. radrcer

    The rx8 is around #50 for fastest road course lap time against cars with twice as much Hp and 3x the price. I will buy any rx8 if they are truly $300

  15. bonkers73

    Biggest maintenance care ever made. There are RX forums out there and every thread is about "how do you fix this"…its a concept gone wrong

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