macOS 10.14 Mojave – REVIEW!

macOS Mojave Review & TOP 14 Features!
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  1. walkwithme

    Annotate screenshots on a Mac? That doesnt sound very Apple – I guess in a year were gonna have Macs with iOS app touch support and Apple pencil support.

  2. TMAN292929

    get a pc to upgrade colours
    anyways, most of ur users use shitty eizo flexscan l665 displays, so no point upgrading

  3. Adrian Harley

    never been keen on dark modes I do however like the grey shade apple have used rather than what we see on some oled "high contrast" type dark mode themes with pure black that I find awful to look at with white or even red text!!
    I keep trying the one in Mojave it's growing on me…..

  4. UK2AK

    I don't know if you can control it, but all the commercial interruptions were too much so I abandoned the video without watching it all. Shame, it was interesting, but frankly there are many other places I can go to get this information without all the annoyances.

  5. tubetib

    I like to see Apple fix the current macOS before doing a new release. It still have video issues with my Macbook pro.

  6. mehrzad sepahi

    it sucks. performance is terrible.i'm thinking of downgrade to sierra.they fu*ed performance after sierra.high sierra was terrible too

  7. Andy Beyer-Bowden

    ,I use the ipad the most, but the mac is the best. My jetblack iphone has the sexiest hardware design, however

  8. SaiyanJin85

    Are you kidding me apple? Who cares about dark mode crap? What value does it add to productivity?? Mac Os is getting worse as the years pass by and I'm using macs since 20110 so I speak by experience. Also I don't think High Sierra are performant. The UI feels glitch a lot of times and stuff like that, anyway

  9. Chaaazz2008

    I love that they brought the carousel view back. I remember it when I got my first Macbook, and I used it all the time! I was bummed when they took it out.

  10. Christyn Pienaar

    your theme "issues" arent for apple to solve beside the calendar. the email backgrounds and website background isnt under their control, are you fucking insane?

  11. O2B

    Hi I like your very informativ Review´s so let me know one thing, do you know, can I use my allready bought ipad apps then on the macbook Pro? Thank s and please go on with the good stuff!

  12. Clinton W Salvato

    I installed the public beta yesterday on a late 2013 13" MBP, so far I haven't noticed any deal breakers, and out of all the apps I use on that computer, only one won't open.

  13. Mahesh S Nair

    Mac is my favourite apple product. Yes, the dark mode looks awesome but it needs to adjust at places before the final release. The system is a bit slow here and there with now, dashboard icons takes some time to load on my iMac.

  14. stevkyt

    I used to get as excited as you with any new Mac system release. When third party apps like Photoshop stopped working with High Sierra I went back to El Capitan which is where I'll stay until Apple actually makes something innovative. I won't even miss Siri which gets most things wrong.

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