M3D Launches Five New Products

Hear about the new Crane series of 3D printers, the QuadFusion print head and the Duet 2 Maestro board.

In this Facebook Live recording, you’ll hear answers to questions about: 3d printing color (smooth color mixing, filament purging, open source software, slicers and plug-ins that will handle “Look ahead” with G-Code, color mixing waste pillars, why we want to 3D printing in color, color key filaments, color biases, full color spectrum and photo-realistic 3D printing), Crane specifications such as the 1:64 gear ratio motors in the QuadFusion print head, WiFi as a feature and overall print quality.

🎬 Director’s Note: Apologies for the focusing issues in the early portion of the video, we solve it a little ways in.

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