LIPO Battery Testing: Turnigy Vs. Gens Ace

Testing the difference between these two brands.
Multirotor FPV Gear:

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  1. Gensace &Tattu

    I have over watched this video.I do think not only the matter of price,but also its quality and service.Things have its reasons,just depend on which way you look at it.All in all,Gens ace is the manufacturer,its technology is the root of brand.Hobbyking just a  seller or retailer.Gens ace focus on the quality of batteries.But what is the advantage of Hobbyking?Low price.Yes,I quite agree with you. Sorry,I have told you a business secret,lol~

  2. Stephen Gibb

    At 7.50 was the current not constant then? as surely the power provided should be higher for the pack that held the the higher voltage.

  3. leecyrille

    Bad ass testing rig! this is awesome. I think your power calculation for the second test was affected by the resistance of your test rig, because if your voltage is measured at the battery terminals, and you have the same resistance load, the current and power both must be higher. I suspect the steel heating element got hotter, which caused the resistance to go up, and thus your current and power to drop even though you had a higher voltage. this is also why you might see higher currents and more voltage drop for the first portion of a test while your element is still cold (as seen on the 25C battery with higher internal resistance). If the ambient temperature was the same for all tests, I think the one with higher voltage is likely actually the better performer and will provide slightly more power for a typical RC load.


    I have two of the hard case gens ace batteries. I was told that if they're puffy that means they're losing their life. I took both to a hobby shop so I can get a second opinion on whether or not I should toss them considering that sat around for close to a year. The guy tested them out and said they had decent charge left, nothing out of the ordinary. I'm balancing them now but should I consider purchasing new ones because of the puffiness?

  5. Devin Halaburda

    QUESTION! U might know I have an RC truck and I have a 2.4 amp lipo charger and I am thinking about getting a new battery (3200mah) lipo will my charger charge it or will I need a new charger, I don't care about how long it will take. THANKS!!

  6. Daniel Foye

    @2:55 This guy should get a gig in comedy because I was laughing when he followed up a nearly 700W discharge rate with a Plan B, because that wasn't enough of a test. This guy has a dry delivery, but it works. Somewhere, Tim Allen is smiling and grunting, I think.

  7. Gorasam Acharya

    Hi guys, I'm Veera from India, I have a rr10 bomber, and I bought venom 2s 5000 mAh 50c lipo battery, just only for 2 charge's , battery got puffed up. Is there any other way to charge it. Which is the best performance battery to buy now. I can't make the same mistake, so please guide me

  8. Lee Cumming


    Does anyone know, why UAV uses LiPo battery instead of other Li-Ion type battery?
    So far what I found is LiPo does not have metal casing so it is lighter, another source also said it has higher discharge rate, so it is good when you wanna have high power.

    anyone? much appreciated

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