LG G7 ThinQ Review – Great Phone Without The X Factor – YouTube Tech Guy

It’s here our LG G7 Review A Great Phone but it’s missing that X Factor

LG G7 ThinQ Battery Life Review:

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  1. codpieceofjustice

    Seems quite a well thought out phone. A bit too expensive but in a couple of months it'll be worth it. I would have liked a bigger battery but apparently it's optimised fairly well. Yeah AI seems like Bixby – needs work

  2. K Ryusan

    I really enjoying my LG G7, Camera takes amazing shots. Amazing video recording. Boom box speakers are immersive. The IPS LCD screen is beyond beautiful and really nice on the eyes. ( No more migraines from oled) over all it's a solid amazing phone I really enjoying.

  3. Douglas Smith

    Works great. Just got the June Android Security update…so maybe LG is staying on the ball with this one? Love the phone. Go to the LG SmartWorld while still using one of their launchers, and download one of the DARK themes and apply. Then go to Nova Launcher Prime and apply it and whatever wallpaper you want, dark being best. Now your notifications, app drawer and all such thing will be DARK themed and the notch almost becomes a complete non visible thing. Great phone, don't overlook it. Auto on photos and vids has been fine. So…This price is less than Sammy and Appleby phones and was and is worth it. OnePlus does NOT work on several networks though that are great in the US.

  4. kramdens1967

    The Samsung Galaxy S9 had zero wow factor and it was expensive.. do I like the price? No, Absolutely not.. do I think it's Priced Right compared to other similar phones, with similar features? Yah.. it's the phone world we are living in for the most part

  5. Joseph Erickson

    Super awesome video I'm loving my LG G7 yeah the price point is a little too high for me and I wish LG would really set a really good price on their phones

  6. Alex Gregory

    LG V30 is KING! best audio on any phone…s9 and iPhone X laughable sound. This is for grown audio guys with full blown headphones…not snowflake weak amp output!!! LG cameras always best in manual mode,,,made for press…not for little guys.

  7. Alex Alex

    Yes you forgot to mention that with the 150 more in comparison with the 1+6 except the waterproof and wireless charging you get warranty , QDAC , premium headphones , better selfie, wide angle camera and better camera app, microSD, far more better loudspeaker and maybe better screen ( full hd vs QHd). I also don't understand how you say it has no wow factor when it has the best audio on any other smarphone and the very well appriciate wide angle camera

  8. wilson ndebay

    I have the G7 and the S9 Plus and the G7 camera is better in photos and night shots than the S9 Plus. The only place S9 Plus is better than the G7 is the video area. I'm actually ditching my S9 Plus for the G7. It is an awesome device. The white pixel in the G7 display is way better than the tinted amoled screen on the S9 Plus. When you bring them together you don't ever want to buy amoled. And the display is quite soft on the G7. You can make it bright enough and still keep looking at it. On the S9 Plus the screen is too warm and it was like giving me eye problems. My eyes were burning in a lot. G7 is eye friendly for those of us that like looking at bright screen

  9. wilson ndebay

    The G7 is actually worth the money. I could buy this phone even if it was at iPhone X price. It is so sweet my friend. This guy is a Samsung's guy you won't hear anything good from him on other flagship devices. They will rather rate budget phones better than the top ones that are competing with Samsung.

  10. Dave A

    Wide Angle Cam, Quality DAC, Headphone Jack, Great Speaker, SD Card, FM Radio, Waterproofing, Bluetooth 5, Fingerprint Scanner, Wireless Charging… ticks so many boxes, great job LG.

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