LG G7 ThinQ hands-on review

The LG G7 ThinQ introduces a bunch of cool tech to G series, from an M+ display that shines up to 1,000nits, an assistant button to call on Google Assistant at without having to say the magic words, right through to a brand spanking new, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. On paper, the G7 ThinQ looks excellent, with our only point of concern being the 3,000mAh battery. What’s it like in real life? Watch our hands-on video and stay tuned for the full review by subscribing and heading over to TechRadar.com

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  1. Tigerex966

    The notch gets them from 2980X 1440 vs 3120 x 1440. and 6.1" diagonal vs 5.9
    Same with apple which gets 5.8 diagonal vs 5.56" without the notch and lower resolution.

    the notch enables a bigger (false but legal resolution and diagonal rating than the phone has, because the notch covers some of that) That is why essential apple and all others are using the notch, it's all about the bigger numbers for marketing and advertising, even though they are not accurate, the fcc does not have any laws to stop it, so it will continue.

  2. CjPhotography8

    Hmm…., its almost like Lg took a step back when it comes to the battery. I have a Lg G6 H870DS which is the Korean dual sim version that has 64 gb. Personally, with 4gb ram this phone gets slow every once in a while, so the only model I would be interested in is the G7 6gb. However, my G6 has a 3300mah battery and under heavy use I am barely able to get through a whole day. A bigger screen with a smaller batter, does not sound promising to me at all, smh.

    Also, are you still unable to hide the navigation bar buttons like o the G6. It is one of the most annoying things, I have no clue why they removed that option

  3. The NIONX

    I've been at odds about the proper pronunciation of "ThinQ" since they first introduced the branding. Thanks for clearing that up. I trust you got this information from a reputable LG employee at the reveal. Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. Eithe wayr the "ThinQ" not being pronounced "think" is just stupid and I will henceforth no longer address the phone as such. It will simply be the G7 or the LG android phone with a notch

  4. Carsten L.

    3000 mah battery. a joke! 850 Euro! ROFL! the same design as every phone on the market. Release in June??? crazy marketing! LG is so stupid.

  5. Tim R.

    In the video you can see, that you CAN'T hide the notch because it reflects differently…

    And only 107° "wide angle" is horrible… LG is so fucking stupid…

  6. Dan Peng

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  7. empiirik

    I don't mind the notch if it's hideable like on this device. Good job! One thing worries me is battery capacity. I would prefer a slightly bigger battery, some 3300 mAh to 3750 mAh.

  8. Justin Casano

    What do you mean flop? It is probably the most well rounded product around. I can't name another smartphone that has this much to offer

  9. Rakesh kumar

    Actually what hate about these full bezelless phones that frame is growing larger with the screen instead of being one handedly usable

  10. Herro Tek

    LG G7 thinQ is absolutely the winner, the design so sexy and the power of functionality of android is very useful and practical than iOS.

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