LED Tuning! GE 7-2865A AM FM Portable Radio Review

General Electric, lights them up with classy LEDs. What a novel idea. Thank you Chuck for this wonderful donation.

Features I like about this radio:
Speaker audio…wow, really powerful sound coming from a thin cabinet.
AM sensitivity is stellar.
FM reception is fantastic.
Incredibly cool retrol design.
Mulit-LED tuning system…love it.
Tone Control and loudness switch.

Overall, a fun, retro receiver that you can really enjoy tuning through the bands. I’m not sure how common of radio this is, but from what I’ve been able to gather its collectible. Price estimate, I’m putting it around $30 or so.

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  1. DriveInFreak

    WOW! That's a rare one. I've never seen one, and I'm a GE fanatic.
    It's no doubt from '81 as it fits into the look of the "Silver Series" from that time. The dial also looks quite like the one on the "Loudmouth 3" AM/FM/8-track from '81.The pointer looks the same on the LM3, but dosen't light up.

  2. Robert NES816

    Okay I think I need to find one of these! That dial light is awesome and it sounds really good for its day! Also that radio looks like its mint!

  3. watershed44

    This was back when GE was still fully committed to consumer products like personal electronics, and appliances, and had pride in them, yes some of them like this radio was made in Taiwan or Hong Kong, but the quality was still very good. Sad to see GE throw away their heritage and sell their consumer products division off to someone else I think Haier or Gold Star owns it now…the quality today is not good at all for the most part.

  4. watershed44

    That LED tuning pointer design was really cool for the time! This was just when LEDs started to be widely used in everything in personal electronics. I wonder if the red LED indicates that somehow a PLL has locked onto the station frequency? At this time I do believe that they were still making analog dial readouts with PLL lock ability!

  5. Chuck Ermatinger

    I'm glad you like this GE! Yes I believe it's rare. I'm thinking it's a 1981 design – that's right when silver and gray were the high-tech look Panasonic, GE and Sony were going for. I would bet that the speaker uses a large, powerful ring magnet to achieve the big sound. Panasonic's RF-085 took this approach and is also bassy for its size. Thanks for the bandscans – told you this is an AM DX hound! I would agree that it probably goes through a set of AAs pretty quickly. Enjoy!

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