Le Lab presents The Mechanical Side of Artificial Intelligence with Robert Wood

Wyss Core Faculty member, Robert Wood, Ph.D., presents a talk titled “The Mechanical Side of Artificial Intelligence”. Artificial intelligence typically focuses on perception, learning, and control methods to enable autonomous robots to make and act on decisions in real environments. With our research, which focuses on the design, mechanics, materials, and manufacturing of novel robot platforms that make the perception, control, or action easier or more robust, we aim to facilitate this decision-making process in natural, unstructured, and often unpredictable environments. Key principles in this pursuit include bio-inspired designs, smart materials for novel sensors and actuators, and the development of multi-scale, multi-material manufacturing methods.

This talk will illustrate this philosophy by highlighting the creation of two unique classes of robots: soft-bodied autonomous robots and highly agile aerial and terrestrial robot insects.

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