Koenigsegg Review – Top Gear – BBC

From the nation that gave us some of the safest cars on the roads comes the Keonigsegg with a rather safety-defying top speed. Its brutally fast as Jeremy testifies as he tries to reach its top speed – a staggering 245mph. But is there actually enough track to go that fast?

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  1. Strangleyourfriend

    I really hope that the complete idiot of a sound editor was shot and dumped at sea after this. How, just HOW can you think this was good?

  2. Mikeado66

    What's slightly mad is that this was among the most powerful cars in the world with 655bhp back in 2004… but in 2014 they'd evolved it into the One:1 which is over TWICE as powerful!

  3. MetalHead

    "The Ferrari Lamborghini and the Zonda is built in a more latino way. But this is built in a more Northern European way."

    No shit Sherlock!

  4. Vaughn Sigal

    I had an old top gear dvd with this segment on it, and can say all the horrible music / sound editing was not on the original video

  5. almonious Or

    Amazing that wearing Che t shirt was still a thing in 2010, even than everyone knew about the blood thirsty mass murderer he was.

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