Kickstarter: Dax Flame’s Invention Documentary

Here is the Kickstarter:

Thank you for watching and please send this to ten or more of your friends!

(I am not sure which direction things will go, but I know the next few months will be very monumental. I have decided to swing for the fences and I will either home run or or strike out or neither. If I do not receive the funds I will not be able to create the invention, and if I do not create/sell the invention I am not sure what I will do. But if I do receive the funds, I think there is a 75% chance I will get it made and sold. And there is a 100% chance I would get the documentary made if I received the funds. I truly believe the invention could make the world a better place.)

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  1. Daxflame

    The Kickstarter goal was reached. Thank you very much everyone. I am so excited. If you would like to track the progress of the invention and documentary, I have posted some updates on the “updates” page on the Kickstarter (and the link to the Kickstarter is in the description). Thank you!

  2. Verkkariritari

    Daxflame U have a videocamera and child like inventive mindset (in whatever u do) Why not just make videos in anything and everything u find slightly interesting. Then there's youtube monetization and patreon. I think u greatest asset is urself and not some wall-mounted hydroponic automation set -(that somebody else designed)
    I wish u the best !

  3. C C

    yo dax fuck you and your stupid movie no one but a bunch of stoned losers will ever watch you and your con college videos haha

  4. Sarah Eyl

    I'm so confused I just watched the diary 30 and 31 videos bc of the meme and went to see a recent video.. is this a joke???? It has to be

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