Kickstarter Crap – SelfMade Entrepreneurs (feat. edups)

This time we look at a project that has -2 backers. lol
Also, if u look at the reward tiers, there is limited amounts on all of them except $ he would barely make $7000 even it was hella popular

Kickstarter Crap:

The Sweet beats used in the video:



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  1. OrdinaryServingOfJell-O Nah

    When he read "Humbleness" out loud, it felt like that moment you fucked up. (Kicking the leg of a table)

  2. Kremit Boi

    Waiter: What would you like to drink?
    Me: Dequaff coffee please.
    Waiter: That will be 5000$ and you may not get it. is that ok with you?

  3. Jody Bruchon

    Did….did that guy just rap "got a hammer make a pussy nigga squirt?" What word pretzel sorcery is that?!

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