Kickstarter Crap – Cube

In this video I talk about a shape. A shape that means a lot to a lot of people. If you know someone who has been cut by a cube, my heart goes out to you. Thanks for watching, pacifists.

All the footage in this video is fair use.

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  1. Beelzebeth

    I'm years late, but there's one comment on it from a superbacker.

    "I Still don't what the cube is?

    Does it put info in a cloud, charge a iPhone or iPad, categorize your apps?"

  2. Peter Krivoshik

    At least if he did something moderately more difficult than beveling the edges of a slice of aluminum square stock then I'd be interested, machining this took 5 minutes tops. Can't tell from the potato quality video how long he spent (if at all) polishing the sides… Tbh 2/8 shittiest cube ever, no heart no soul. Wouldn't be caught dead with this pathetic polygon, he calls it the cube but to me its awfully square

  3. RectalDiscourse

    What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs or over your neighbors dog
    It's great for a snack, it fits on your back it's LOG LOG LOG
    LOOOOOG LOOOOG it's big, it's heavy, it's wood
    It's looog LOOOOOG it's better than bad, it's good!

  4. dramtic end

    mate to be honest jewelry does nothing it's just shit design and expensive metal. Now the cube, as useless as it may be, is made out of purely aluminum and has a simple and shiny design that looks good I'd say 15 is a very good deal. If you look at it relatively however the advertisement was shitty and that's the problem with this KS, be honest and its good

  5. Travis Crist

    This guy is a genius.
    Zero risk.
    Zero thought.
    Zero engineering.

    If enough hipster fucking idiots buy into this, I'll make some cash. If they dont… oh well, not like I put any time or money into this.

  6. 楊智宇

    This is the shittiest laziest bullshit Kickstarter project I've ever seen It's literally a fucking chunk of god damn aluminum that you can get from any store that sells metal material

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