Juki DDl 8700 Single Needle | Sewing regular material and leather

Juki DDL-8700

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  1. Junior Baby Hatter

    What kind of foot do you use for the leather? I sew lightweight suede and leather but have issue with bunching over the nap.

  2. illutionary

    I need to buy those needles. Do you have the exact type and size so i can go find them? And what about the thread size? Thank you for this video.

  3. aFlukeFull

    Would you know know any reasons as to why my top thread keeps breaking? I
    have this same specific machine model ( Juki DDL 8700 – H ) and I am still not very familiar
    with it, but I keep running into errors where the top thread breaks or,
    as I stitch, the top thread stitches in a very loose manner through leather. I usually
    do go through the order of readjusting all tensions and rethreading,
    but, even while I am sewing, the tension on the upper thread/tensions discs changes
    automatically on it's own.

    Also, my stitch length know and right-side stitching knob are very tight whenever I have to adjust them? Would you know how I can loosen or correctly set these where can move them comfortable and at ease?

    Thank You

  4. Shraddha Shenoy

    I want Juki or Jack manual sewing machine. Pl let me know where in Mumbai it will be available. Pl forward me the link

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