Jay Morrison, BitConnect, Herbalife and Keeping Score of L’s





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  1. Patrick Falls Fitness

    Yvette, my extreme appreciation goes out to you, for this information. I think when he says that he is a millionaire, that he is reffering to the worth of his real estate investment portfolio, that he may not completely own, and not his liquidity. I think he leverages his millions in debt, which is arguably a good technique, but his language is ambiguous, because a million in credit cards and financing is not a million owned.

  2. Brand Factory Media

    He is a fraud and she is apart of the marketing package. Real love? I just don't know. It's disgusting. Trying to make himself look like a honest family man. She is lost.

  3. Jasbury

    Yvette be on top of her game, she comes across as counter-productive until you see the legitimacy of the issues she raises

  4. Alfonso Sylvester Bowens Jr

    IPO means inital public offering. each time you offer a particular amout of shares for the first time to thea public, that is considered an ipo. One does not have to take the company to the stock market to mean IPO. since 2015 that is old logic, with invention of Regulation-A under the Jobs Act companies are now able to raise capital via small inverstors (crowdfunding), The only difference is just like you buying interest into a private company, its the same thing really….

    Now if this was a regular company which transacted some type of business, then under most expectations you want to see them to eventually go to the stock exchange. But because this is a realestate fund, they are not going to the stock exchange, so you are basilly buying equity into private investment trust on a public stage. This concept is new intruduced by the Obama admisitration with the smaller investor in mind… As it has just been started in 2015. This is third party audited and they have to file semi annual reports as to the fianancial conditions of each security offer that the SEC qualifies. (Tulsa)TREF is no different than Companies like FundRise, GroundFloor, Realtry Shares, all providing the same product to the public investment in real estate via internet crowdfunding funds… The only difference is TuslaREF focuses on the improvement of black comminities and from an investor side black economic empiwerment… Tulsa is not the first by far to utilize Reg-A IPOs offers to raise money online for real estate projects, but they are the first black company to do this… Out the 300+ companies to qualify for Regulation-A Teir II offers, Tulsa and Punch TV are the only black owned companies to be approves. There are actually 436 offers the SEC has approved. 70-80% of them of equality investment into real estate funds. https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/srch-edgar?text=qualif&first=2015&last=2018

  5. Marcus

    I've done pretty well with crypto but Yvette is right, I hate to say it but she understands business and finance a lot better than those who claim to be experts at very least she is being honest. She is also right that the Ball family is asking you to pay 400 not because of pricing but because he can't scale, whether you think that's right or wrong the fact of the matter is LaVar Ball doesn't say support me because I'm trying to create something for our community he sells it as luxury, so yes we are donating to his cause.

  6. Jarred Black

    Lady you’re begging for donations while hating on others for doing the same, just bigger and better. Feel sorry for you!!

  7. Looksfor Entertainment

    Either Jay will do something that has never been done and silence all of the criticism OR he's made himself the GREATEST example of Evette and Antonio's point that black people are locked out of wealth. Hopefully he won't be their case study a year or two from now to substantiate their point. We'll see.

  8. TrichsRUs

    If my mom would have listened to negroes like you growing up, we wouldn’t have had shit. She made it happen against the odds. She didn’t make much money, but still managed to invest. She didn’t have time to complain about what she DIDN’T have. You know how to read charts, but no ZERO about investing and economics. You shoulda stuck with Boyce and learned something.

  9. Michael

    She downs Bitcoin, She downs Jay Morrison, She downs Boyce Watkins, OK so what's her Economic plan for Black People to gain wealth? She doesn't have one. So why does anyone listen to this bitter sistah?

  10. Dana Pate

    I can’t take the “poor mouthing”….”we don’t have the money to recover from these schemes”…how can you generalize what someone can or cannot recover from…some of us have chosen to educate ourselves on wealth strategy, business and passive income. To read from a 2010-2012 report (sourced by God knows who) probably some European or governmental agency as a basis for how “bad” black people are doing and try to pair that with how “ignorant” we all are to the degree that we are unable to access our own financial decisions, investments or situations is insulting!

  11. Dana Pate

    OMG I tried to keep listening but every next sentence is another insult…I can’t believe you just said….”a lot of y’all say, I’ve got money to invest, but really do you?, after you pay your student loans”…..yada, yada, yada….like REALLY so let me guess….you and yours are the only ones wise enough to understand how to budget your own money? Seriously, you are speaking like you’re talking to some teenagers. This is the tone I have when I’m schooling my 18 year old daughter and her friends on saving and investing. Lol this is past ridiculous lol

  12. MrTorrisPatrick

    We have enough. Alot of our people don't apply their self. I know we are held down but a a lot of the people I know would rather be high then try.

  13. MrNg

    it is ok to critic and question. However, doing is always better I think. I do not know if the Tusla real Estate Fund is a scam, will work, etc. But what I do know is that Mr Jay Morrison has some knowledge in real estate and taxes and he is spreading knowledge. Based on this 18 minutes video I got a lot more game and I am going to keep more of my money. After the video I created 3 more LLCS. We need more people giving us practical game as well as political solution: https://youtu.be/Xxn8iIcHpOk

  14. Tkc Tkc

    @34:53 – @35:13 LOL Yvette, you need to acquire more information for yourself on what an IPO(initial public offer) is. You said, "it's not an IPO because its not on the market". IPO's fall under REG-A. None of them have to be on the stock market . This is 2018. Not 2005. Laws change. You really need to have an SEC officer on your channel whenever you have discussions about securities so that your viewers will receive sound and legal advice regarding this matter. You have decent knowledge on political science. That is your original field. You will need to acquire more knowledge for yourself on business, economics, and personal finance. Peace and blessings to you.

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