IWD 2018 – The Next Horizon

Meg Whitman, CEO of NewTV, takes a look at “what’s next.” Find more info about IWD here:

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  1. StraightCamp.com

    First they call it WndrCO (which sounds like a company that makes cheap toys).Then for the last year they call it NewTV (which actually sound great).Now they are changing the name again?I've never seen a company do well with so much indecision before they even launch.

  2. CaviarClub

    WHY would you change your name from NewTV to something else?
    They have been talking about NewTV for over a year now.
    I'm calling it. The dopes never bothered getting the rights to the name and / or NewTV.com so they are now out, and must change their name before they even launch. 🙁

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