Is the Nintendo 2DS XL Worth It?

The New Nintendo 2DS XL unboxing and review – is it worth it?
Nintendo 2DS XL on Amazon:
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  1. Victini

    I grabbed up the Pokeball version.
    I only got it because I needed to replace my broken 3ds xl and the Pokeball design sold it for me.
    I don't use the 3d function ever anyways.

  2. Brenna Okazaki

    My old 3Ds is finally biting the dust, so I'm going out tomorrow to get the 2Ds XL. Never used the 3D on my 3Ds and I want the faster load times, so I'm okay with the 2Ds XL.

  3. esowolf mwo

    was thinking about buying a 3ds xl just for pokemon as i was sceptic about the 2ds, but your video made me buy a new 2ds xl, and saved me a lot of money, wanna thank u for that <3

  4. Joey 101

    The only way I'll buy it is if they bundle it with link between worlds none of this ocarina of time 3d crap, I ALREADY HAVE OOT WHY DO I NEED IT IN 3D!

  5. AllyGaming15

    I think the 2ds XL is actually worth it but buying a new 3ds XL is a bit better including 3D and it honestly just looks way better! I know it may be more expensive but buying a 2ds XL it only saves you about 20 bucks! like if this helped!!

  6. Jalmaan

    The thing is that I own a New Nintendo 3DS (yes not an XL) which is like 10 euros more expensive than a new nintendo 3ds xl is, I would 100% prefer the New Nintendo 3DS (with me swappable coverplates) above the new nintendo 3ds xl, but knowing that that machine is not out there in NA I think it's a fair thing to say it'd be worth getting.

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