iPhone X review

Here is our review of the iPhone X – the most advanced, yet most expensive smartphones to come from Apple to date. The iPhone X boasts many attractive features: an edge-to-edge OLED display, rear dual-cameras allowing for 4K 60FPS, and Apple’s new FaceID technology.

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  1. mus yusuf

    Man how much has 3 and apple had paid you to this video
    For the price you pay for this phone you need to get everything right
    The screen burns looking at it at the sides you see a blue colour
    Theirs more things wrong with it so be fair with bad points as well

  2. noop013

    you say that the screen is the best is the world haaaahahaha do you research before you review somthing…do you really think samsung is going to give them the best screen in the world.beside that…apple just made an exucuse FOR THEIR SCREENS! that the look to blue from an angle and burning(somthing an oled screen can do)…and dont give me that bs..that apple has changed the screen to make it better NO the dont…the give it a different nam and boom the sheeps are foold… if you look up the factual specs of the x it losses big time in al directions…but hey its an apple…..right (fools)

  3. Michael Miller

    Can you make a video to lobby Apple to make the phone unlockable by looking at it and then blinking or some kind of facial expression of your choice rather than having to swipe up. Wouldn't that be totally amazing? Should be easily doable with a firmware update.

  4. SouthFacedWindows

    Android fans are poison. They are such a pain the butt. If you dont like iPhone then why come here and spews your venom!

  5. Ole Jon Bjørkum

    Still 5 GB iCloud storage is ridiculous. I bought a 2017 non-Google flagship (LG G6) after my Nexus 5 died, and immediately when setting up my account I was told my Google cloud storage had been updated with 100 GB extra(!). With that price tag they should at least give you a lot or unlimited storage for multimedia, cause Apple is really behind Google on the services front and don't seem to see it. With Google you get unlimited storage for Photos auto backup if you agree to let them scale down the image to a still totally OK resolution which still looks great with an awesome camera like my G6 has. Though I upload full size since I have so many GBs.

  6. Praise Kek


  7. Sean O'Halloran

    This phone is underwhelming for the money. For $1000 it should have AMAZING battery life. Super durability. Maybe something cool like a projector. A pair of updated headphones and absolutely a headphone jack.

  8. Paul Martin

    You can really see the Apple Watch / iPhone convergence here… which I think we'll see more of in the future (ie. smaller bezels on the Apple Watch 4 anyone?)

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