iPhone X Review: Amazing

It’s been hard to really put my thoughts together on this phone. Let’s start with the interface. I think the gesture-based UI is going to change the way we interact with our phones (I know, I know Blackberry, Palm, and Nokia had similar offerings, but those companies are basically…dead.). I’ll bet dollars to donuts that we see this kind of interface creep into other offerings from other companies and thus, the revolution has begun.

The design of the phone is outright beautiful, whether you go with the understated space gray or the more standout silver, the stainless steel and glass combination looks and feel fantastic, hefty, dare I say, premium, and everything about the build is solid, from the buttons to the speaker grills and their cute little screens. No one does build quality like Apple. A lot of folks have come closer, but Apple is still the king and this phone is an object lesson in why. It’s a solid phone.

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  1. Vik

    You have got to be one of the worst Tech reviewers I have seen on YouTube yet, think about that for a second, there are a lot of no Talent teams when it comes to YouTube tech reviews and you my friend are at the bottom of that barrel lol

  2. Dhiren Fairchild

    battery life: General > Accessibility > Shortcuts > SMART INVERT
    Also, use the true black wallpaper.

    This combination will drastically improve your battery life on the iPhone X thanks to the OLED display.

  3. Robert Silva

    Yes it is worth it if you’re a photographer or love photography, want the best looking, most premium, and incredible sounding phone with an almost flawless buttery smooth ui experience that has me now trying to swipe up on other phones to go home. The Face ID is faster and more efficient than most make it out to be. It’s near perfect. If you want to see amazing photographs from the phone check my Instagram @robertjsilva

  4. Danny Denihan Jr

    Idk man. I currently have the 7 plus and I have had every iPhone since the 4. I have never had android and I may get the LG V30, time for change

  5. Vikram Sharma

    I gotta disagree about iPhone gestures changing the way you use your phone. I've always been an Android guy and you can set any amount of launchers with a minute or two of learning how to use one. There's no innovation in the iPhone X that justifies its price. You can even grab the note 8 for regular flagship prices because of all the promos out

  6. Ross Goddard

    I subscribed then un- subscribed 7 minutes into your video… Who wants to stare at your face for 12 minutes in a 15 minute video about an iPhone X. Come on dude, real vain…

  7. John Murray

    $1000 way too pricey and if iPhone users (which I was one of them)keep paying for tech that has been out for months , Apple will keep charging us for it,my s8 plus does everything the X does,I wish Apple made phones I like

  8. theo linus

    you have made a factual error. Face ID did not 'demand' the notch, because Samsung also has an array of sensors. The notch is a consequence of Apple's excellent decision to make use of the unused space on either side of the sensors.

  9. Steve Dowe

    "No one does build quality like Apple does build quality" …. "In my experience, even light wear and tear will damage this phone".

    ….right. It seems to me your opinion of Apple's build quality is biased. Essential Phone, notwithstanding its issues, is made of physically stronger stuff.

  10. micheal smith

    I think you guys in the USA complain too much about pricing. We pay way more than a $1000 in Europe for the iPhone X . So you guys shut the fuck up.

  11. Joe Stankiewicz

    The fact that it is so easy to break to me sounds like a massive massive downside to this phone, but from your tone in the video you didn't seem to suggest this as a drawback, rather as a pain that a case has to be put on aesthetically. Surely a high price tag for a well 'designed' phone includes durability?

  12. vito libido

    The iPhone X screen is really 4.7 inches.. Apple trolled everyone by lying to us.. somebody should sue Apple for lying to us about there screen size

  13. adamwnt

    very honest thoughts and although I also agree no phone is perfect including the latest iPhone, but for the same reasons you have said one might still choose the iPhone X I will as I did with my older iPhones. Cheers

  14. Milton Crosbie

    About the wireless. Currently there are no wireless headphones that will ever be as good as a hard wired connection. Not on iPhone, not on a Mac, not on a PC….if you want quality audio, wire it. And you can hardwire an iPhone to the hp….you place an Oppo HA-2se in between, and end up with higher quality sound as an extra.

  15. Rob Lewis

    The iPhone X is beautiful. I have come to really enjoy the gestures. The screen is amazing. I own the Note 8. I prefere the iPhone X screen. That really really surprised me. But let me be truly painfulky honest. I know the will piss off PHT and most all other Apple fans out there. It pisses me off to admit this myself. Face Unlock doesnt work at all. In fact it fails 100% of the time. Your phone is not unlocked until you are at your home screen. I honestly love so much about the X (“X” is the roman numeral for the number 10, it’s pronounced ‘iPhone TEN’) it is my favorite overall iPhone ever, and Ive had them all. With touch ID you lay your finger on tge home button and your phone is unlocked and ready to use with ONE gesture. iPhone X takes to gestures. 1. Lift phone to face. 2. Swipe up on screen. Being truly painfully honest here, touch ID is still quicker. That is a fact. I’m not saying I havent gotten used to face ID, I’m just being truly painfully honest. It is not quicker. After mastering both gestures it is clear that touch ID is superior. Unfortunately it is also being retired it appears.

    If your phone is unlocked with Face Unlock why are you still looking at the "Lock Screen"? Because Face Unlock is only part 1 of 2 steps to unlock your phone. With touch ID you only have a one step process. With Face Unlock you have to swipe up to unlock your phone after you use Face Unlock/ID. That is two steps. Touch ID is one step.

    If anyone would like to prove me wrong, without insults or swearing at me, I'm happy to listen and admit defeat if your argument is completing and painfully honest and proves your case.

    To reiterate. I love my iPhone X. It is now my EDC. I love my iPhone 8 plus as well, the screen is big and beautiful. But I will not lie to myself or others about the reality of the short comings of Face Unlock/ID.

  16. Ilian Kutkurov

    How about the Apple Pay…
    I mean c'mon… One Plus 5T is a better phone and it's half the price of an iPhone X… I have a 6S+ and I'm definitely switching AWAY from Apple… they're not getting MY money again.

  17. Isaac Bounds

    I love my iPhone X! It’s the dream phone I’ve been waiting patiently for 3 years. The very first iPhone with Samsung’s technology!

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