iPhone X After 24 Hours Review: Terrific or Terrible?

I’ve spent a little over 24 hours with the iPhone X. It’s going to take a lot longer than that to really know how I feel about it but I do have a lot of opinions on what I know so far. FaceID, build quality, oled screen, durability and a lot more in this early review.

Let me know what you think about it and what questions you might have about the X for my full review.

Check Jerry Rig Everything’s video on iPhone X durability:

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  1. 9milNorm

    The iPhone X doesn't even resemble an Iphone. It looks like a type of Android phone. The round button is iconic and minimally could have been built into the screen to disappear after not being used, like the small square on the Galaxy S8.

  2. Roberto Lira

    Thank you for your review and great video . And voicing out your experience with the iPhone X which is exactly what I found after coming from a iphone 7 with home button . I also own a pixel 2 which I love it but iPhone X is my daily driver and Face ID is far the best out there I too wear glasses and it has not failed. I have a great case incipio squire grey cloth it gives at premium look.

  3. SaaVoo KraaLj

    570$ for the back glass??? hahaha those fanboys are really fucking stupid to not see that apple is ripping them off on every step possible 😀 just buy them you iSheeps 😀

  4. Jet Cooper

    You don't wait for the lock icon to unlock – just grab the phone and swipe upward – works instantly! That is the FASTEST way to use the new X

  5. c63 amg 2013

    omg finally a really honest non biased review not like those twisted apple haters who thinks they are techsavvy but dont know crap about tech haha.

    1. face id is not the same as your old droid gimmick picture id. its a tech, not a gimmick

    2. apu is 2 generations ahead period.

    3. screen is only made by samesung factory, but calibrated and updated by apple. Display mate stated number 1 phone display in business. Samesung couldnt achieve this until apple touched it.

    4. iphone x is not expensive compared to note 8. I would never buy a phone with half slow shit apu for the similar price that will be soon half price when s9 comes out

    5. s9 was going to try copy notch and new gen oled but they cancelled it because they dont have time for it

    I subscribed!

  6. BixbyConsequence

    A litany of awful.  Is face-ID really the only way to unlock this thing?  Oh, it works most of the time?  I'm running away with my hair on fire.

  7. Michael Amos

    content: cool. thanks. delivery: you're reading, it's obvious and comes of disingenuous. It would be better to riff off bullet points and compromise content (slightly), than what you're doing right now-its agravating (sp). Many thanks for your intelligent approach. Look forward to your evolution. Peace, bruh.

  8. Daniel Bedoya

    Holy crap. I never bother to comment on YouTube videos but this was a painful watch. Get to the point dude. You said nothing of any value in 15 minutes. Brutal. Painfully brutal.

  9. Bob Brown

    Probably better to wait a year until the apps catch up. Had the same issue with the plus when it was first released. Wasn't until the 6s plus when the apps supported the change

  10. RED MOBILE uk

    Apple…organic light emmiting diodes..
    Same thing…apple are like a ponsey restaurant charging you shit because the menue sounds exotic….wake up folks..they are taking money from fools

  11. Hiran Almarales

    Wonderful video; I currently carry the samsung galaxy s7 edge because I only require the most basic and essential features a reasonable priced phone should have, which are the following:

    Headphone jack * Split screen multitask * Large amount of internal storage plus the ability of expandable storage * Compatibility with everything that has existed, currently exist and may exist in the future * Super amoled screen that would allow me to watch videos at the minimum frame rate of 60 frames per second at the minimum resolution of 1440p with extreme color and contrast ratio without a notch or anything else that could interfere with the image * LTE network * Fast charging included in the price * headphones that would be capable of producing every sound frequency known to man kind at the highest quality possible included in the price. * ability to be used as a desktop computer. And so on…

    As you can see I do not require much from a device. Just the basics.

  12. Armando Banuelos

    Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave! He was a visionary and a perfectionist. He wouldn’t have allowed and celebrated the iPhone’s 10th Anniversary THIS less than “eXcellent” product. I am a long-time Apple fan. Purchased the original Macintosh in 1984, but the successors of Apple have taken the company down the wrong road, nickel-and-diming the consumer, compromising quality, and motives driven by profits versus innovation. The iPhone X for $1,000+, hell no! The iPhone 8 Plus (with negligible differences from the X) and a $200 Sprint discount for my upgrade from my iPhone 5s made much more sense. Yes. It lasted me that long! I'm still a fan, but just like this country, Apple has taken a turn for the worse. I will keep my eye on Samsung. They seem to have inherited the spirit of Steve Jobs.

  13. Bill Hale

    Watching this on my iPhone 8 Plus. Coming from iPhone 6s Plus, this was natural. Previous owner of 3 Android devices. Android was customizable, but lacked the quality of app development and compatibility between manufacturers. Force closes turned me away from Android. My first iOS device was the 6s Plus. Worked like day one for 2 years. Only complaint was it needed more than 16 gig of space. Removable storage would be a welcomed addition to Apple devices

  14. steven vester

    Im getting the new razor phone front speakers that sound good 120 refresh rate 1440p display and a high quality external dac whats not to like

  15. dj405767

    Love the size and feel of the X but than my 7+. It fits in my hand and after adding a case, screen protector and ring on back of case, I feel very secure. Face ID is more accurate than the fingerprint home button, even opens in the dark. I’ve had this since 11/3 and in fully acclimated to it. With AirPods it’s perfect.

  16. PlanetMusk Vlog

    Held it today for the first time. I will buy it. The screen size is larger than my iphone6+, but the phone is remarkably smaller. That's tech magic!

  17. narrickcuz

    To me the X just brings something different to the table, FOR IPHONE users. I know the Samsung community is used to the no home button but to me someone who had the 7 plus, the 8 is just simply too much like the 6 and the 7. Yes the screen may be wider on the plus but I just love the way the X looks and also fits a lot better in hand while still getting damn near the same size screen. I just really hope they come out with an “X Plus”.

  18. Potato Man

    Your videos are captivating because of so many reasons, but I especially love the fact that you don’t cut out every single break in your speech like so many other youtubers do. You obviously understand the value of silence in language and conversation, and it makes all of your points much more powerful and understandable. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s great.

  19. Cons29

    I say apple fans believed it when apple said their glass is the most durable (on phones), just like when apple said it is microscopically sealed” which means ip67 (while others have ip68). I’m not saying that 67 vs 68 is too big of a difference, they’re not, but I’m saying apple is using flowery words and fans go Gaga over it lol

  20. Chris_Audittr2108

    I’ve stuck with my iPhone 6 as hadn’t found something that interested me. Going to go with the X, looks good to me and will use the camera upgrade a lot.

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