iPhone 8 vs. GoPro Hero 6 Black – Review

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The new GoPro Hero 6 Black is the best GoPro ever…but is it any better than the camera on an iPhone 8 Plus? Side by Side comparison!

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  1. Emanuel Pereira

    Huh? What kind of bullshit excuse is this of " oh sales were going down so it's expected for them to up the price to increase profit margins while selling less than previous products"… That's about the STUPIDEST shit that has been said on this channel. Increasing it to "pro sumer" price territory ( whatever that entails – gargling jargons of cum) will not increase the profit margins when the majority of people buying these action cams are OVERAGE Joe's and the fucking device is directly advertised as making amateur footage from overage joes look pro. Simply get the fuck out of your little I can afford pretty much anything BECAUSE most shit is given to me so I lose touch with reality high horse. Again, their last product sold like shit because it didn't innovate, and it's peripherals were expensive as shit, annnnd the battery life was horrid… And they gave a go pro to any bum on YouTube with a couple of subscribers… It's NOT the "pros" buying their products, they get these cams for free with advertising contracts, or outright sponsorship. I mountain bike, a lot… Spent 7k of a Giant 6 months ago, and some dumb fuck rep wanted to cut a 60% deal on the cam if I had a channel and actively showed footage that was recorded on the pro…. This company is full of shit. That's all I'm saying…

  2. The Jassi-fricka-nation

    Yeah, if I wanted a phone for $500, I would get an iPhone 8 if it actually cost $500. If I wanted a phone, I wouldn't consider a GoPro 6. If I wanted a camera, I'm not spending $500 on a phone I'm not going to use if I just want a camera. Stop comparing cameras to smartphones when all I want is a camera and I don't need my camera to make phone calls, download apps, check my calendar, use a calculator, or whatever the frick else I won't be buying a camera for. Just start comparing cameras that cost the same instead of constantly comparing them to phones so I don't have to spend $1000 to $2000 on a starter camera I honestly won't know what to do with once it gets to me and when I have no desire to spend $500 on all the bells and whistles smartphones in that realm have to offer. I don't even know what the actual competitor is to the GoPro lineup at this price because every camera is compared to a phone of equal value and most cameras reviewed are compared to phones or lower value and I'll just use a $100 webcam until I figure it out.

  3. Rising Above Life

    haaaaa! the hero 6 is just catching up to the yi 4k plus. the yi 4k plus is currently ahead of hero 5 and its only for like 300 on amazon. it has all the fram rate power, image stabilization and color correction and has an lcd screen. however, it is not water proof with out a case. still, not bad for something 200 dollars less then the hero 6.

  4. Goodday Freelance

    Hei! My dream was to be able to afford new phone or laptop. Now it's has come true. And if you would like to get Iphone for free – please give me PM on gmail staasts1 @ gmail. com 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂

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