“Inequality For All” – Robert Reich MOVIE REVIEW – Actual Anarchy Podcast (Feat. Esoteric Entity)

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  1. Sir Vindicator

    Anarchy is not chaos, but without leaders, i.e. government, but who cares about anarcho-capitalism anyways. Not like the economy is weighted down by public programs and our money is not backed by anything.

  2. Liberty Patriot

    Hello Wolf Liberty (don't know what else to call you.)

    Anyway, there is a story I came across that has controversy. It's concerning a town in Texas that made the decision to fire the local police department and instead hired it's own citizens as private security. Since 2012, crime went down 61% in 20 months, or so the story says.

    However, I came across a Texas article that dissents the whole claim. Arguing that Sharpstown is not a legitimate city, therefore did not have a legitimate police force to fire. and further, that crime has not reduced since private security took over. Here's the article in question.


    I was wondering if you can address the truth of the matter, which side is correct, and what details am I missing. I have a vested interest in this because I am a security guard myself. Have a blessed day.

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