Indiegogo Excrement – 5 Really Bad “Gaming” Projects

A rapid fire lampooning of kids’ kickstarter projects. hope you enjoy. peopoo

Indiegogo Projects in order:

Gay Retard
PO box 2001
Vista, CA 92085
United States



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  1. Baka Senpai

    Please say all Americans don't pronounce it that way xD

    It's pronounced Yorksher and it's about as far away from the capital as you can get so housing is stupidly cheap there, I could get a house on my shitty wage out there but he does have a point on £500.00 being nowhere enough to get a building, even if it is all the way out in Yorkshire.

  2. Dario Gallegos

    Theres a Drug Dealer a block away from my house back in mexico who owns a Gaming Cafe who started that shit as a way to launder his money, ironically he makes just as much getting all the brats in my hood to play videogames as selling crystal meth, aint that some shit

  3. David Stewart

    A Mormon in heat is a Mormon that suffers from misplaced, overzealous fervor until climaxing like a fire hydrant hose on 8 of his 13 wives

  4. ArtypNk

    I want stuff to create my contend with, please send me stuff to my P.O. box and I will unbox it and create a hit web series with it.

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