In Search Of The Last Action Heroes – Kickstarter Campaign Update!

In Search Of The Last Action Heroes – Kickstarter Campaign Update.

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  1. andy mcclure

    There are company's in the uk that you can rent cars like the a-team van or transam from knightrider, seem to remember there being a ford mustang gt500 at one point. Not sure how expensive they are though.

  2. Smartzenegger

    An 80's american classic car??? Lets see… there is only 3 I can think of and those are:
    1. Chevrolet C4 Corvette – 1986 (color: red)
    2. DMC Delorean DMC-12 – 1981
    3. Knight Industries Two Thousand – 1982

  3. Chainofsouls 31

    Can you please do a retrospective on critters? It's a VERY underrated sci-fi comedy horror flick like Gremlins

  4. GamerGuy's Reviews

    Good luck guys! The project sound awesome, can't wait to hear more on it, like everyone else. At this point, the channel should be rebranded as Oliver Harper and the Hong Kong Cavaliers.

  5. Thomas K96

    Why you do not have way over a hundred thousand subscribers will always be a mystery.

    Thanks for putting Chuck Norris on the Poster.

  6. crazymaner2003

    Some tips for Kickstarter:

    1.) Take into account the fees and taxes that you will incur. If you need $10,000 don’t set the goal at $10,000 because Kickstarter and PayPal are going to take big chunks of that. Set it higher.

    2.) Don’t go nuts with perks and rewards. Keep it simple. Many KS fail because they fail to take into account the added expense for rewards.

    3.) Keep promoting the campaign ever day on YouTube and twitter. Start doing livestreams. Get your subscribers excited about the project and keep reminding them to back the campaign. Revealing and adding obtainable stretch goals is a great way to keep momentum going.

    Check out how Diversity & Comics ran his indiegogo campaign for his comic book. It’s one of the best run crowdfunding campaigns I’ve ever seen and incredibly successful.

  7. Mr Julius

    I am super excited for you guys. Have given me so many good moments over this years, laughing at work, laughing at home, at the bus, walking the dog… will contribute to your Kickstarter with a smile in my face and hoping all goes well. Best of luck mates.

  8. Mr Julius

    By the way, if your looking for music or what not, check out Lazerhawk. It is amazing and not very known. Its retrosynthwave very well done.

  9. The_Ph4nt0m

    All the best with all future endeavours mr harper your retrospectives took me back to my youth when life was good moments in time that are gone but not forgotten

  10. David Bobson

    Best of luck Oliver and crew. Stay away from an 80s mustang they are not good. As already mentioned a Delorean would be cool.

  11. ryanricardo

    Hope you don’t mind Oliver sharing your vid across social media so more people can see it, wish I could do more.

  12. Panels & Borders

    This is one kickstarter I'll be backing for sure. Oliver is the best movie reviewer on You Tube in my opinion.

  13. Understandings

    How about a Rover Montego? As in I think you definately need a car with that era of styling…. y'know, sod progress in aerodynamics – let's just manufacture a brick and put bright red go faster stripes on it!!! xD (…although, I am sure actually that the sharp lines on the old Montego and similar cars in the mid 80's onward probably did make them more aerodynamic compared to the previous "jelly molds" like the early 80's Ford Sierra ect). Go brick. Go hard. Go neon. Be impractical.

  14. The Man From Krypton

    Not sure what this doc is going to be about other than 80s action heroes. Is it about certain heroes or the genre in general?

  15. sheets75

    If you want a car that's emblematic of 80s America, you need either a Pontiac Trans Am (preferably with the firebird logo on the hood), or a Chevy Camaro. The Mustang in contrast had kind of lost its way in the 80s – I used to see them around a lot but just about everyone I know has more nostalgia for the 60s and 70s models.

  16. Adam's AUTObiography

    I have a Perfect 80’s car that’s a 1985 Toyota Celica. Granted it’s in Newfoundland, Canada so I don’t know how much use it’d be for you. But it’s a good option for a cheap unmistakable 80’s car. There are videos about it on my channel if you want to take a look.

  17. Johny40Se7en

    I love the artwork, that's the best yet. I can't wait to see the documentary. Follow your dreams Ollie, variety's the spice of life. The cars that shout 80's nostalgia to me are definitely the Ferrari Testarossa, Lamborghini Diablo or Countach SV, the TransAm, Porsche 911 Yellowbird, the Interceptor, Chevy IROC and the iconic DeLorean, any one of those would be awesome to feature.

    Ta for the update, it's nice to see you so happy and passionate, keep it all up.

  18. anthony lakich

    In Houston Tx where i live down the road is where the build all the 80's left over Delorean's so might see if they'd let you shoot a Opening to your Movie. just a idea;)

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