I Used A Burner Phone For 24 Hours

I went to Walmart to buy a cheap $29 Burner flip phone to blast back to 2006 and live life off the grid. The ZTE survival prepaid Burner phones surprised me with fast 4G LTE internet, decent call quality, an average camera for In N Out pics, and a strong durability drop test.

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  1. julian jdm car games news just for car guys

    My first phone was maybe the Samsung y2 or Any Samsung phone older than 2015 and max inches 3.5.

  2. Aiden K

    My first 2 phones were burner. LG Octane and LG Extravert 2. Then I got my iPhone 4. Then a 6s. Now a Nokia 6.1

  3. YamiAlex224

    You should try the Android flip phones that South Korea has. I really want to try one cause they look amazing

  4. YamiAlex224

    If you lived in South Korea they have android flip phones. I had flip phones till about 2014. Then I got my second smartphone. In 2010 I had a smartphone but it was early android like 2.1 I think it was running

  5. bangbang300

    if you used it for the year you would almost be done. 24 hours dont impress anyone. cmon be a dedicated youtuber

  6. Annie Valenzuela

    I was wondering if I get my old Nokia 6101 flip phone back because I Love it it my first phone I put metro pcs Sim card on it 4g back in 2014 Nokia flip phone was best flip phone ever

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