How to Decorate Your Home so it Sells Faster

Selling your home is a huge life event and you want to get the most out of your time, investment, and love as you can. Of course, you’ve hired a realtor, but there is more to selling a home than online listings. You need this joint to look tip-top to get tip-top dollar!

When you sell a home, you are actually selling a lifestyle. Not your own lifestyle, but that of the buyer. And since you don’t know who that is yet, you want to create an ambiance that is welcoming to a wide variety of potentials. To do this, you’ll need to be a bit counter-intuitive and de-personalize, while enhancing a feeling of peace, easy organization, and warm welcome.

Faster Is Better

The timing requirements when moving and selling your home can be tricky, but having the house on the market for a long time is a no-no for many reasons. You want to sell high and sell fast. Staging and decorating are important tools for this goal, and here are easy tips to get you there:

  • Clean it up and clear it out. Inside and out, from maid to landscaper. Just do it. All the things that were acceptable to procrastinate on have now run out their lease.
    • Have all carpets professionally cleaned.
    • Recarpet or refloor if needed or for the more budget minded clean it with Carpet Experts. Yes, ouch.
    • Scour inside and outside of all appliances.
    • Pristine bathrooms.
    • Fresh beds, all made.
    • Closets should be very neat, with some empty space.
    • Straighten garage and shed areas.
    • Mow the lawn.
  • Paint everything. Really. Paint every wall, paint the ceilings, paint the trim. Paint your front door. Stick to on-trend neutral tones, but avoid white walls.
  • Staging your home to sell quickly takes discipline, but it is not difficult. Stick to a neutral color palette, keep things simple and uncluttered, and depersonalize without losing warmth.  
    • No family photos, this is the buyer’s beginning, not your nostalgia for the past.
    • Large floral art and landscapes, all framed, rather than many items on a wall.
    • Nothing on kitchen countertops other than an improbable tray with two mugs, a small carafe, and two cloth napkins.
    • No clothing visible, close drawers, laundry hampers, and the door to those tidy closets.
    • Fewer but larger decorative accessories.
    • Furniture arranged symmetrically.
    • Curtains and blinds open.  
    • Vases of fresh flowers, nothing wilted.
    • Green healthy plants.
    • Show how spaces can be used – like an in-home office in that lovely open nook under the main stairs.   
  • Go away. And this means Fido and Mr. Whiskers too. It’s unlikely a realtor would have permitted you to stay, but choose in advance not to. Potential buyers do not want to feel they are buying someone else’s house, they want to be buying their own home.

Is All That Enough?

It is very hard to be objective about your own home. Be certain to ask for your realtor’s advice. And then take it. This is what they do, they know!

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