Google Home Mini Review: Smart Home for $49?

Google Home Mini – Smart, small, and cheaper than before. Worth it?

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Muggsy Bogues by Alltta


Provided by Google for review.

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  1. Brownie SS

    I REALLLLLLY appreciate the section where you showed the audio comparisons. It really made the decision for me. I'm going with the Google Home

  2. Ryu

    What the heck is all the hype with this thing…. he asked some boring fact questions and found his phone. And why the hell do I find it attractive and like I need it when I don't.

  3. Jeremy P

    Finally I found the holy Grail video that answers all my questions before I made my purchase. The random questions you asked Google makes me lean toward the mini versus the ineffective Alexa AI, that's a deal breaker…game changer for me. thanks!

  4. Rob Whitmore

    Why does anyone want the temperature in kelvin? Also what can this do that my phone can't if I don't buy new 'smart' devices all over my house?
    And even then, if I buy those, why can't I just use my phone?

  5. B Charron

    Hey google, can you wipe my ass for me. I can't wait until an app will allow full grooming,and will cater to all my commands. Soon, I won't have to think for myself anymore cause there will be an app for that, and god knows it takes too much effort to think.

  6. Alistair Fellowes

    How does it connect to your phone? WiFi? Does it work if your phone is off? Does it connect to the internet by itself or hop through phone?

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