Google Home Mini Review – I might finally buy a Smart Speaker…

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Smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo haven’t really seemed worth it to me..until now? My hands on review of Google Home Mini!

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  1. Francisco Sousa

    For the people "saying product placement bla bla bla" I say if it is product placement. It's product placement done right. Great VID Linus

  2. Tom Christian

    That is a flipping bad move triggering other people's speakers. It pisses me off. Maybe you just are really that clueless about these things.

  3. Jeffrey Heesch

    I had no idea my Google Home could call the nearest Pizza place… until you said that it could, and then the Google Home on my desk started calling the nearest pizza place.

  4. Zezti

    For audio I have an echo dot connected via 3.5mm cable to a in-wall amplifier connected to two ceiling speakers. Works perfectly.

  5. Curtis Mann

    I listen to music on my home mini and it's fine, probably better than my Bluetooth speaker to be honest! Aaannnddd you set my mini off twice by saying 'ok google' ahahah awesome!

  6. Brittain Stephenson

    Couldn't you share your work calendar with your google home google account in order to get your rundowns for the day?

  7. Kim Easily

    1:46 That "bug" was probably intentional… It's too convenient-looking, Google implements a feature where they can remotely activate the microphone and record you talking, to get your secrets, political opinions, what's your actual name, etc, and then someone discovers this "bug", and than he/she publishes this information, and Google gets away with spying on your personal life just by claiming "it's a bug, and we're removing the manual activation button to fix it." How would Google fix it by just removing a button??! That would just make it more annoying…

    Accurate depiction of Google Home (or any of Google's products with Internet access and a microphone): A physical trojan horse.

    I will probably get banned from YouTube by raising this question…
    looks at the rest of the comments
    Maybe not.

  8. Fringe Wizard

    I'm glad they have a physical switch although I hope it's not a placebo and they didn't install a secret NSA cia nigger pretend it's off kind of thing.


    when Linus said "okay Google call the nearest pizza place" my google home mini called pizza pizza in my town and I didn't notice untill I heard some guy yell "hello, hello?" fuckin hell gave me a spook.

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