Galaxy S8 Android Oreo Review: New Features and Stability!

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Customization Features:
Keyboard Features:
Notification Channels:
How-To Get the S8 Oreo Beta:

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  1. kam hagh

    Hope speed and battery improves. Those are one of the few actual important features to me. Also i hope they improve uodate times with oreo

  2. pinoyuc

    6:27 hide album in gallery is not from Oreo beta update. Samsung updated the gallery app. Or you can go to gallery app, go settings about gallery it will say update. I'm not on Oreo beta and I have this feature.

  3. Skyethur

    I have unlocked G955U1 but i never received beta notice I guess only for unlocked devices that is directly purchased from samsung website

  4. Jayne Preucil

    I have the galaxy s8+ with Sprint. Does anyone know of when I will get the final update to download? I'm still on Android 7.0 and haven't gotten any new updates since.

  5. Michael Williams

    Not happy. I can't individualize contact notifications for text messages anymore. I like to know who's texting me before I view it.

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