Galax GTX 1070 TI – Is It Worth Buying? – Review

First Ever Review of a Galax Graphics Card – Is it any good?
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  1. rztrzt

    Galax is awesome, they are a oem manufacturer for other brands as well. Over here their gpus are significantly cheaper than other brands. I' m on my second galax gpu and my next gpu will be another galax as they make good products at a awesome price.
    We also have Super Flower PSUs over here which you don't see in the US and they are also a oem for many other brands.
    Weird that some really awesome brands don't have a US presence, you guys are missing out…

  2. Picasso Pablo

    Any game released with Nvidia ShitWorks won't run good for PC no matter if AMD or Nvidia GPU. Far Cry 5 vs Wildlands lmao

  3. pawala

    I have the Galax 1080ti and it also comes with essentially the same things in the package, including the same-ish cooling shroud and the 6pin+8pin power.
    So, if it worked for the 1080ti, it should work for the 1070ti.

  4. fred durst

    All cards should run the most graphics demanding games on at least 200-300fps each there is no reason for cards to run at 60 fps.

  5. Paul Hamilton

    I was able to get ahold of a 1080Ti Galax watercooled card. But their heatsinks are still attached to the VRM and can't be easily removed from the watercool block. I am awaiting a response :/

  6. Mellow Wuff

    Hey, thanks to you they're out of stock! I was saving up to buy one for $450 and they went right up to $490 then out ;-; think of the backlash!

  7. Veteran Gaming

    Sadly enough, the price for KFA2 products has sky rocketed; from £165 (for a GTX 1060) to £240.
    This is most likely due to the Crypto Miners, but I'm sceptical it's because of the recognition from this video?

  8. shannon oshea

    Great video and content as always your channel and advice has helped me so much before and finally building my first pc I'm actually planning on buying the 1080 version soon thanks very much

  9. Jomena

    I really dont understand how people get their 1070Ti's to 2,1ghz, I just barely can OC it to 2ghz with power and voltage sliders cranked to max. Using Strix Advanced Binned card.

  10. Karakofirespartan

    Ever thought of doing more Sceptre reviews? I saw some freeesync over hdmi monitors from them and wonder if its any good. I had their 4k that my cat killed(yeah that was me) and i enjoyed it. Whats your opinion?

  11. RadRich

    That's kind of funny. The box my GeForce reference card shipped in was about 3/4 the size of this non-reference card's packaging you're reviewing. Received it a few days ago. Haven't opened it yet. Bought it on a whim as they were finally back in stock from Nvidia @ $449.

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