Friday Crypto AMA – What to buy now?

Friday Crypto AMA – What to buy now? –

The crypto market is above $420 billion, are there still good coins to be had? Tune in and find out!

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  1. Uberto Berg

    Interested in the bitcoin market?, want to make a profit?, 15$ to 300.000$ investments!, return of interest 112 days max!, 360 day contracts!, reinvestment from profit possible!, get payed in Dollars!, Sign up at get 30 gh/s for free without having to invest at all

  2. Dustyn Derosia

    Also George, Coindesk replied to Vitalik by tweeting a post about him "engaging his followers with ETH giveaways when you send him ETH"(scam twitter giveaways). So I really dont blame him lol.

  3. Bj M

    So I know Kin has way too many coins, but aren't 60% supposed to be set aside for content creators? That's a lot that won't be accessible to the market. How does that effect price? What MC would it be at if it got to a penny?

  4. Aeon Mouse

    What's up G! Even sans your regular opener, before you said anything and as soon as your show came on, I could tell it was yours by the acoustics of your office. Hey can you give some insight as to why and how Bitconnect is now marketing themselves as a crypto-news source? Thanks for the show Mate!

  5. Jeremiah Lim

    Bitcoin Diamond is replacing Bitcoin in Indonesia as the No1 currency. Rich Chinese traders are flocking to Indonesian exchange to convert Fiat to Bitcoin Diamond. They know BCD has partnership with Acute Cloud Computing which is building the first blockchain cloud computing in China. Amazon and Microsoft just released sales revenues were massive for centralised cloud computing…$5 billion and $7 billion last quarter !!

  6. ZZ8ZZ

    Thanks for this analysis b0ss. The whole market is stabilizing itself and I'm happy with my investments so far. I personally like to invest in privacy coins because they always perform great when the market is bullish, and there's one that stands out right now aka DeepOnion: the guys finished their 40 rounds of airdrops and now basically it's like the second beginning for them… new exchanges, new features, new goals etc. Other good project is XSH.

    Keep up the good work CryptosRUs!

  7. Parley Cross

    I have always been suspicious of giveaways and think they are all scams.
    That is why I haven't ever particpated in your giveaway competition.
    I am a bit worried about even posting my public Eth key on your page in case someone knows how to get at my funds somehow.
    All giveaways are risky in my opinion.

  8. shizza82

    Jackson Palmer's twitter is full of FUD, negativity and pessimism. There's not one positive thing he says on there. He's always complaining.

  9. Christian Kuhl

    Hi George. This is what I commented to Ivan when he covered the same news about the 40 trillion dollar market cap prediction. It is simply ridiculous! The current market cap of the S&P500 (the five hundred largest companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange) is around 23 Trillion Dollars. From that sense it will take a very long time for the Crypto Market Cap to reach 40T. Let's say that happens 25 years from now. The current value of 40T in 25 years will be around 20T in today's money. That is more or less the same as the traditional markets today. As you say, a lot of Crypto projects have to deliver big time on their promises for this to happen. For reference, the current market cap of the worldwide GOLD market is around 8T. Bubble anyone?

  10. Christian Kuhl

    At the same time market cap is a really poor indication of value; particularly for most of the altcoins… It is really not a good measure of real value unless there is a high trading volume (liquidity) in the asset. We are very far from fulfilling this condition in the crypto markets…… Market cap is useful for the top coins but thereafter it really becomes a useless measure.

  11. Christian Kuhl

    I my humble opinion, Alphacat makes absolutely no sense, and their token even less…. everyone should do their own research on the website and read the whitepaper. I am really puzzled why so many projects are not able to explain what they want to do in simple layman's terms! That is, of course, unless they just want the opportunity to print their own money (for free) and sell in a non-regulated environment. Then use a lot of buzz words and create a lot hype… Your choice 🙂

  12. jwhooter

    You've stated that you are a fan of supply chain tech. I know that it's extremely small at the moment, but what are your thoughts on Clear Coin? It's a project that works in the digital advertising supply chain space. It's major goal is to fight advertising fraud.

  13. Jonny Dee

    Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

    If you are looking to get hold of some crypto without investing or mining, look into They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITT, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

  14. darryl hopkins

    Such stellar work G You are the only research heavy indicator out here that just tells TRUTH. You are Georgicator. And if you wanna monetize make some cool ass T’s. We will sell you out. !!

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