Feiyu Tech A2000 Gimbal Review

How good is the Feiyu Tech A2000 gimbal? Watch this video!
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The best gimbal I’ve tried (and still own):

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  1. Alejandro Pirchi

    I was just about to buy the A1000 with the dual handle kit, do you think it will work well with the A6300 and Sigma 30mm/16mm f1.4??

  2. Jai Kavi

    I was geared towards getting this but the gimbal guy at B&H talked me out of it. Best thing I liked about this gimbal is you can control the gimbal with both single and dual handle setups, and has a higher payload compared to the Crane v2

  3. Michael Tapl

    All those gimbal choices in market make me confuse about my pick, either the zhiyun crane plus or this one or the dji ronin s..

  4. Pando

    $549. Are you going to choose Feiyu or a Moza Air or Zhiyun Crane V2? I know my answer. If their products were $200 cheaper for each model it might be a harder choice.

  5. Gon s

    Congratiolations for yours videos and is very nice you work with your beautiful wife and yours videos helpful much, and you are very simpatic and you speak calm this is very good continue….and..I see you in the next video bye bye and nice weekend ☀️

  6. Get N Bit Productions

    I have The 1000 with my a6500 and 16mm sigma. The other cool thing about that rig is with 1/4” threads on top of each handle I have mounted a monitor on right side and wireless mic receiver on the left. The complete rig works amazing for me.

  7. deejayepidemic

    @Technolgymafia Hi. a short question. if you press the record button on the gimbal. Does this only make a photo on the Sony Alpha 6000? Or do you have to manually press the movie button on the camera every time?

  8. rewind 2.0

    I'm deciding to buy a lens now I have a 16-70 zeiss. I hesitate between E 35 f1.8 or 55 f1.8 for future full frame upgrade | thx (:

  9. Daniel Irvine

    Please compare this to the crane 2 and the DJI Ronan s

    Question was your lcd screen clear to see past the back arm of this while tracking?

  10. Walter

    This may seem odd but would you do a 24-105mm comparison with the 18-105mm on the A6500? The 18-105mm is wider, but the 24-105mm is probably the best lens to start with if moving to full frame. The idea is full frame lenses to pick up for when a consumer moves to full frame. The new Tamron also seems like a solid pick too.

  11. S B

    I just bought my first mirrorless camera. I like the simplicity of the Canon M100 but want a smaller lens with a wide angle.
    The Ef m 22mm f2 lens is almost perfect but the field of view is a little narrow for selfies. You review so many lens for Sony. Could you give the alternative lens for other Manufacturers like Canon and Panasonic? I am researching on Ebay but some of the Asiann sellers don't specify if the Canon lens is for Ef m of Ef s mounts. I also want the lens to have AF in addition to a wide view like 12mm. Got any ideas ?

  12. ChaleeWithaC

    How do you think the Zhiyun-Tech Crane-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer will compare to this or your other gimbal?

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