Fearless Gear Review: LINE 6 SPIDER V

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In today’s episode on Spectre Sound Studios I’ll be giving an honest opinion on the Line 6 Spider V. Check below for the gear I discussed in today’s episode. Subscribe for more!

A few of the products I discussed today in my video:
Bias by Positive Grid:
Rosen Digital Impulse Pack:

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  1. Tim Worley

    weeeeow! when you can notice that much of a difference in the mix, thats just sad. it was almost the difference between a bass and no bass

  2. Kirk Bolas

    The Spider Skid-Marks V (truth in advertising…sometimes the truth hurts)…the Skid-Marks II with a Baboon-approved Eq curve applied to the high gain patches and repackaged with a feature-set that an anonymous, now ex-Line 6 employee allowed an intern from Ventura Community College to sign off on. That “Puppet Master” patch was the most god-awful, nasally, cocked wah (with the wah…just pure cockmaster grade tone), simulated guitar tone that I’ve ever heard. I got better tones out of my Hondo Les Paul aborted clone guitar through an equally shitty Peavey Deuce…or maybe it was Douche…or Rape…Rage…that’s it. It was a 10 watt practice amp. That’s what I had when I started out in the early ‘80s. Still better than what I heard coming out of that alleged guitar amp in the Demo. Speaking of Demo Glenn, the Demo-lition that you and your assistant “executed” at the end. You have just given away for free the one and only mod that is guaranteed to improve the tone of the Line 6 Skid-Mark V.

  3. Jason Shaffer

    there are starving kids in africa who would gladly play that spider V… you didn't need to go all office space on it…

  4. jozeph miles

    to be honest i prefer the sound of the li……… oh god sorry i could keep it together and i just threw up in my mouth typing that….. honestly my vox mini 5 sounds better

  5. Lexx Firecore

    This amp really sounds bad, if remove the "Brand Name" sounds like a 20$ cheap chinese amp plastic cab with plastic speakers… Burn it 🙂

  6. bassman686

    11/15/17- listening to this on an iPhone 6 through its inadequate speaker, & I can still hear the mkV loose the low end on the mix & shit all over his strings in the mkII comparison.
    If it’s that bad… it sucks worse that all the black holes in the entire universe combined!!!

  7. bmxriderforlife1234

    dude just saying as someone who collects swords, if that one is a cheapo stainless steel one, be very careful doing any kind of swinging around with it, the tang(section of the blade thats inside the handle) is literally a little shitty rat tail piece of cheap ass steel welded on in most cases, super fragile and prone to breaking even without impact and this results in whats known as the flying helocopter of death.

    good thing though, you can get a real sword for like under 200$, actually even under 150$ that are functional of semi functional, depends on what you want as far as functional, cutting soft wargets like pool noodles and maybe some water bottles and tatami mats is easy. if you want something that can handle super hardcore targets like super hard bamboo wrapped in multiple mats or shit like idk helmets(before anyone calls shit search kabuto wari tameshigiri, literally the act of splitting helmets, less cutting then it is crushing but eh you split the shit open) then yeah gonna need a good sword.

  8. Code

    That thing manages to sound like when you have an ear infection, and your ear does that popping thing where everything suddenly sounds like sandpaper getting pulled through your eardrums.

    it's almost impressive.

  9. Wingmanken

    Hey Glenn. Are you familiar with Peavey’s Vypyr series? I know they’re not completely new, but I’ve got the 30 watt model and to me it blows my buddy’s Line 6 Spider out of the water.
    Better presets, more effects, sounds a lot better and more suitable for practicing metal riffs, where the Spider simply cannot do.
    Love the channel, man. Great stuff. Keep them coming.

  10. Cole Hunter

    I do have a question for you @Glenfricker, do you think that the line 6 for the money is still good for just siting in ones room and playing, I only ask because i am currently using a Kustom practice amp (and haven't picked up my guitar in years) and want something with some internal crunch and other features that mine doesn't.

  11. My Ex Demise

    I'm personally gonna have to disagree on this review. My boss katakana still blows this POS our of the water but it's really not as bad as the 2. If there's nothing else the person can get this is okay but a 100w boss katana is only !320

  12. wwegamer20 9

    When they destroy the amp is supposed to be like the family guy scene where Stewie and Brian destroy the surfin bird record

  13. Mark Fetherman

    That amp sounds like unicorns fucking Keebler elves behind a running cement truck full of loose change. However the guitar player using the amp is absolutely killer

  14. Super Sigmund

    Your hateful video encouraged me to do the opposite of what you say.
    I bought the Line 6 Spider V 60, I find it very good for practice.
    Thank you, without your demonstration, I would not have bought this Line 6.
    Therefore, I say a big thank you, and the best regards from France.
    Thank you, thank you to Line 6 for this great amp. Cheers!
    Next time, do not break an amp, you're ridiculous.

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