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In today’s episode on Spectre Sound Studios I’ll be discussing the Line6 G30 Wireless unit!

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  1. Flipp5150

    Been using this for 500+ shows , rehearsals, practices and random jams for the past 6 years, never to fail. I have had it in my strap pouch since I've had it and have actually only gone thru 1 set (4) of wireless batteries. Sure, it's not made of iron, has a plastic door hinge and can't withstand a drop, but don't be a fool and treat your gear well. I've played small bars and large music venues, bumped into stuff, fallen over, even played guitar in and around the "pit" at shows, again….never a fault.
    So ya, rechargeable batteries and strap pouch this should last you 10 years easy. This units quality exceeded the price by FAR.

  2. Fred Magillacutty

    I think you need to send this to AVE and let him poke at it with something and try to light it on fire to tell us what kind of chinesium plastic it's made out of.

  3. Alfie Strickland

    I had the same thing with the clip snapping off so now I use duck tape to hold it on the strap which does the job. I heard the g50 is metal casing so a bit more roadworthy but haven't actually tried one.

  4. Patrick Vollering

    Oh i know! I'm going to demo a wireless guitar setup and then demo it with a muddy shitty tone and a guy who only plays on the bottom B string of his 7 string where you can't hear shit anyway…

  5. Matthew Fischetti

    My band had 4 people (3 guitar players and 1 bass) using this wireless system and all of our clips snapped off from total bullshit. The issue was quickly resolved when we just bought a cheep $5 pouch that could be held onto the strap. personally I like the transmitter on the strap because I can do strap spins (need to make up for my amateur playing, sue me) and it used to fly off me when ever I've done any fast movements. (like spinning)

  6. Vic Lopez

    I actually use this wireless as well. The first one I bought was actually broken right out of the box. Thankfully after much discussion, Guitar Center reluctantly replaced it. But I think what Glen was trying to get at is that when you buy a piece of gear you really shouldn't have to worry about fixing these things. Especially when you're gonna take it on the road. Personally, I made my own "Custom" pouch that holds the battery door shut and I can still see the lights and access the power switch. Not the greatest quality Tbh but it does work and sound great.

  7. Carlos Costa

    I don't know how that happened because my G30 fell a few times from my pocket while jumping and it did not brake.
    Anyway, every clip sucks so just use a pouch…

  8. Dan Tregenna

    For what it's worth (not very much) I have the G90 in my live rack and the transmitter for that has so far been pretty much bulletproof.

  9. Hans Grueber

    The "tone" is irrelevant. How well it carried over distance is (one of) the questions, and it seemed to do well. However durability issues arose and seems to be sub-standard for "on the road" wear and tear.

  10. James Heit

    If the case is made of ABS plastic, then you could use a q-tip and some acetone and it should "weld" the clip back on. Acetone breaks down ABS and when evaporated actually will create one solid piece of plastic again.

  11. David McAninch

    Hey Glenn, you know what's worse than Line 6? Try a product from First Act!!! I guarantee you you're gonna be pissed!!

  12. David Ben deWaard

    So, my bassplayer (a rare example of not being a rule #2) bought this unit and showed up with it 2 days later. I warned him about the belt clip problem, and behold the clip broke off becouse it got stuck between him and the guitar strap. Anygay, keep up the greed vids, love you channel and cheers from Holland

  13. Collin Burgemeestre

    I've been using the G30 for years. Several ones. No battery doors have ever fallen off (they do have a tendency not to close very well), neither has the clip ever broken off. I'm willing to concede that I was lucky though. The one that did annoy me, including on the G50, which I currently use, is that the clip never seems to stay stuck on my nylon guitar straps. I like to move around on stage and have had instances where the transmitter came lose of my strap, or just fell off completely, falling to the ground, a hard drop out of my signal as it were. Those pouches would have been a god sent, but duct tape did the trick as well.

  14. Ian Wilmot

    i dont know anybody who doesn't tape their transmitter to their strap or use a pouch on their strap for wireless units

    if you arent doing crazy guitar spins you can just throw it in your back pocket tbh, ive done that when i forgot to bring tape with me to shows even if the clip is still working because itll rarely hold up to much movement onstage.

    i use the g50 and it still have the clip attached but i still throw a bit of painters tape(duct tape would hold it better but it leave a bunch of awful residue on the transmitter if it stays for longer than a few days) tape around it/my strap when im playing live to make sure it stays in place because it'll slide up/down or fall off if you dont
    i literally took it on a 2 week tour with my band and the painters tape held up the entire tour with no problems

  15. martin osborne

    To be fair i've been gigging and touring with the same unit for about a year and a half now and had no problems. when it comes to the clip i don't trust them anyway, i throw myself around a lot and am constantly climbing, jumping and generally being a prat. So i duct tape any wireless transmitter to my strap. Never failed on me. The only issue i have had is occasionally my transmitter picks up signal from my bassist (who uses the line six G10 wireless) the only fix for that i have found is constantly running on channel 6.
    I'm a big fan of your channel, its good to see someone who doesn't bow to sponsors.

    afterthought. i know that now i say all this, its going to destroy itself on the next show.

    cheers glen.

  16. Joris Griffioen

    Drop your guitar from 2 feet, see if it stays perfectly intact.

    What a bullshit argument to completely shit over a cheap as chips product. Have you seen the competition? Wireless sets are expensive, this is what you get with a cheaper product.

  17. TheCrumpers

    People actually use the clips on wireless units? I use a pouch or just tape it on. Legit just us electric tape and your set. More secure anyways.

  18. henrikcroan

    I've owned a G30 and I totally agree on this. The battery indicator is also very unreliable because, if you press with your fingers on the sides of the chassis, the battery can suddenly be low. That sucks big time when you're in the middle of a gig. I ended up getting my G30 traded for a G50 instead. Much more reliable and road worthy.

  19. KingNothingIII

    Save you some time:
    Crazy good range (I can verify that)
    No tone loss (can also verify that)
    Clip might snap if you drop it. (I've had mine for 7 or 8 years and its been fine through multiple drops to concrete and hard wood so I don't know)
    Battery compartment door might break (never happened to me, either)

    My personal experience:
    No tone loss, awesome range, durable, outlived my Floor Pod Plus.

  20. Patrick Losiniecki

    I'm glad you made this. I've had this exact wireless for about 3 years and, although I always tape my wireless to my strap and put a small piece across the battery door for peace of mind, it's good to see how it is in normal circumstances. The only problem I've really seen with mine is every now and then it will die with no warning from low batteries. Nothing crazy. I've learned to carry a battery tester from Amazon for lile $6. Love the gear reviews. Keep it raw. Much love from Northwest Indiana!

  21. Robert P

    Try the line6 g50. Made of steel not plastic. More reliable.

    If u already have a g30 they ha e a little.pouch for it that saves the stress on the clip.

  22. Jordan Shultz

    I have a Velcro cable tie holding the battery pack closed and another holding the receiver snuggly to my strap. I see most guys using wireless duct taping it to the strap anyways, and this just seemed like a cleaner/smarter option for me. Haven't ever had an issue with dropout in a live situation in the 2 years I've had it. Just a helpful tip 🙂

  23. Warren Adsett

    You raise an incredibly good yet often overlooked point. RELIABILITY MATTERS especially when you’re getting paid to do a gig. Gotta love your level of honesty. Keep up the good work

  24. Michael Ferguson

    I have this ,it's fantastic. Mine was ziptied to the guitar strap,I did bass flips and never came off. I've never seen a metal guitarist with the wireless not firmly attached to the strap.

  25. siffy6969

    I picked up one of these last year, and i still use it. I was nervous about it snapping apart simply because I twirl around like a sweaty tornado on stage, so I bought a Velcro sleeve to put on my strap. It stays secure and keeps the unit intact. Sure, nobody should have to buy additional accessories, but with this unit being a bargain, i figured the extra ten bucks was worth it. Looks like it was!

  26. IronBeard

    I use one of these. Yes the minute I opened it out of the box I could tell how cheap the outside was made. So I just use a leather holder that goes on the strap and don't have to worry about the cheap clip. But if it ever breaks I would find a different brand wireless.

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