Fearless Gear Review: Line 6 HELIX NATIVE

Fearless Gear Review: Line 6 HELIX NATIVE
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  1. Aiden Macleod

    Hey Glenn. I can use most amp sims right out of the box when there is a stereo
    input the output is always stereo, but not with the Helix Native. I downloaded the demo and after looking at the manual, I feel like it would take an Engineering degree to figure out how to do mono to stereo routing with the damned thing. Any tips or ideas?

  2. Janson Michael Steffan

    I was fairly shocked by the difference between the Spider V and Helix Native. Fisher-Price "My First Guitar Amp" vs "Warm, crunchy, slammin' amp sims + fx". For those who cannot afford the hardware Helix, I've been told the Firehawk setup is awesome — at 1/3 the cost. I wonder… hmm… Glenn?

  3. Matt Conley

    Cant seem to find or create a tone that doesn't have this honkey sound to it. No way I would spend $400 on this product when Thermionik + Recab is much better for cheaper.

  4. DC Welker

    I just picked up a Line 6 Spider 4×12 cabinet. To me, running my Bugera Trirec through it, it sounds really damned good. I usually hate Line 6 crap, but the cabinet sounded really good. Have you tried their cabs? if you have, what did you think? If you haven't tried, would you be willing to review one. It was a huge and pleasant surprise for me.

  5. Juan of H I V E

    helix native with proper pre/post plugins and IR's sounds like a good setup if you already have a decent custom build or laptop. if you're buying HN, better plugins and a new Computer to run it right, get the tried n true axe fx.

  6. Joey Baron

    Glenn have you ever reviewed the axe fx? I just did a session with one and it was ok! Also have you tried the new uad amp? Idk if you use uad plugs…one more question one that take your have a snare trigger,what do you use to print the midi notes? And if no trigger what do you do to create midi from the tracks? I use cubase pro 9 that can use hitpoints to make midi notes ,but pirates I put on a transient plugin to bring out the attack so the detection is more accurate,it locks pretty good except for some ghost notes . I have done triggering in the past with a drumkat and it was ok,using the old contact triggers , I'm not up to date on what's new in triggering now….but the best triggers I've ever used was on tour once the drum tech made triggers from the heads of sm 57's and suspended them inside the drum in the middle,and they were the best tracking triggers I've ever heard,,,every hit no crosstalk,..genius…..thanks keep up the good work joey from nj…

  7. 1986carpediembaby

    I'm not knocking glens skill set but that track is a terrible choice to use as a comparison. I wouldn't want to listen to that no matter what amp you played it on.

  8. Mike Davies

    I can help you with getting millions of views… Stop jumping into thrashing on the Christian community… If they say something stupid just ignore it because there are tons and tons and tons of Christians around the world and the more you stay away from religion and your comments and videos the more you will pick up viewers and the more money you will make… Just because there are Christians out there does not mean that they aren’t cool people who like metal music…. Just like any other group of people there are always douche bags and every group… Just ignore them and move on… But when you keep bashing on religion and Christians people are turned off

  9. Kcducttaper1

    Hopefully, someone from Line 6 will see this and send Glen a Helix to play with. I'd seriously consider selling a bunch of my bass and electric guitar gear just to have my whole rig in one 'little' board. Provided it sound good that is.

  10. mordokch

    The Helix is a fine choice for someone looking to replace something like an aging Boss GT board or an XT Live, or for someone coming in at that kind of level, but it's really not in the same class as a Kemper or AxeFX, as the price difference would suggest. Don't get me wrong – it's good, but it's just not as convincing as the big boys. I am talking about hardware though – never tried the software version. I tried, but didn't buy – I really want a powered Kemper, but I don't need 600 feckin' watts !!! 6 watts would be overkill lol. That's the only thing keeping me from buying the Kemper – I wonder if it has a low power mode ?

  11. Cristian Jailander Orozco

    Good Kemper Profile > Axe II XL > HeadRush > Helix > Bad Kemper Profile > POD > All the rest amps here > Line6 Spyder.

  12. Angel Sanchez

    Sorry for the "duh" question… This software is going to sound almost identical to the Helix LT floorgayshit? I can't afford an AX8 and I want to know if it's a good idea to buy it, may be trying the software…

  13. GormyGorm

    I am actually gonna give the Helix Native a try after seeing this. That was interesting, and because I don't have access to a huge library of real tube amps, I rely on amp sims and cabinet impulses.

  14. Jon Dufour

    Love your videos and topics Glenn!

    Helix is the best thing Line6 has put out so far but does it sound as good as Kemper? Hell no. Does Helix sound good enough and does the ease of use make up for a tiny bit of that? Oh, Hell yes.

  15. Niall O'Brien

    The huge advantage to Helix Native is that the same tones I dial-in in the studio can be easily transferred over to a Helix LT floorboard and can be used live, replacing the need of a lot of extra gear. I tried to do the same with Bias FX (running it on an iPad and controlling it with a midi floorboard), but it's just got too many bugs and limitations to be used as an Axe-FX alternative in a live setting.

  16. Ennyway

    God, I'm not an expert on tone, but I've recently helped my Guitarist sibling out on buying a Helix (floor), and am supremely happy with the decision. He'd been using Bias for the last year and a half, and yeah, for the price he'd been getting really competent sound from it, absolutely better than a cheapo amp, and for someone on a budget, and looking for casual use, can't recommend it enough. But the Helix blows it out of the water to my ear, through whatever we run it out of. It's not totally perfect in regards to quality analog kit, but it's nice finally having some genuinely rich sound, with versatility, and none of the quirks that comes with running Bias (which is as much a general DAW/any-vst problem as it is Bias itself, sure).

    Gets two thumbs up from a happy consumer.

  17. william hurst

    Thanks for the videos, love the content! I've been using a line 6 PodHD pro for a long time now, and your right the stuff falls short a lot of the time. What i have learned that gets a really decent sound out of the line 6 stuff is to use just the Pre models and then Ignite Amps TPA-1 between that and the cab impulse. I gave this a shot with Helix native as well and I think you would be impressed with the results you can get. Also makes you wonder why shell out the cash for this shit when you can get equal results with free software.

    Anyway just thought I would share, love the channel and keep up the great work man. Shake your blood.

  18. Adam Bock

    Are you running the bass through the amp/software as well on the comparison track? The bass cuts so much more in the Helix demo.

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