Fearless Gear Review Blackstar HT5

Fearless Gear Review Blackstar HT5
Harley Benton G112 Vintage (something ACTUALLY good)

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Links for the USA & Canada:

Drum Mics I’m currently Using:

Kick: Audix D6:

Snare: SM 57:

Snare Mic 2: Studio Projects C4:
Snare Bottom: Audix i5:

Overheads: Roswell Mini K47
TOMS: Sennhiser MD421:

CAD M179 (cheaper option)

Room: Apex 210 Ribbon:
Alternative: MXL R80 Ribbon:

Guitar Mics I’m Using:
Roswell Mini K47
Roswell Delphos:
SM 57:

Sennhiser MD421:

For the Rest of the World!

Kick: Audix D6:
Snare: SM 57:
Snare Mic 2: TBone EM700:
Snare Bottom: Audix i5:
TOMS: Sennhiser MD421:
T Bone SC 450:
Room: TBone RB500:

What I shoot on:
Sony A7sII:
Sony A6500:
Lights VERY similar to my home-built lights:

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  1. Sven Johnson

    I own an ht5 and have recommended it to a number of players on a budget, and honestly I don't know what you're on about. The samples in this video sounded totally solid and I've used it in a bunch of situations. It's a flexible amp, it does a variety of tones pretty well,. It's not as metal as a 6506 or as rock as a jcm900, but for a home/backup amp with a lot of variety I have yet to see it's better.

    Don't like it, cool chase your bliss.
    I love mine. and as a front of house guy I've mixed a couple and have always had an easier time with it than most of the competition.

    I'm not trying to convert anyone who doesn't like it, I just kinda don't get why you wouldn't like it.

  2. Bryan G

    I own an HT-5 and personally I think it is a great little amp. I agree it is not ideal for modern metal but more for rock/hard rock. Blackstar does have a Metal series of amps including the Metal HT5 so I'm wondering how that would do. If someone has one send it Glens way.

  3. brutalbeetle

    I had an HT1, it was only useful for putting a pedal in front of the clean channel, and even then not great. I would take pretty much any $200 digital amp with a 12" cab over it. With the boss Katana there's no reason for a shitty sounding $500 tube amp to exist.

  4. Oran's Take Over

    Hi Glenn cheers from israel!(sorry for any grammar, spelling mistakes i might have made, i am a self taught english speaker haha)
    i had an idea an since im totally a newbie i would love for you to answer.
    what if when recording drums first the engineer would have the drummer play each part of his kit once and record that (snare, kick, cymbals etc), then he would trigger the kit and apply each sample taken before-hand and apply it to the midi file?
    i am aware and agree with your stance on samples, they have no place in the studio, i am not meaning to use my suggesting at anytime but i just had this idea and would like to know what you have to say on this theory.
    thanks ahead, keep up the good work!

    would to see this on the next smg viewer comments! m/

  5. Robstafarian

    The Blackstar HT and HT Metal amps are not tube amps; they are hybrid amps: they use built-in distortion pedals as their “Overdrive” channels, as well as solid-state phase inverters (thus ensuring that cranking them will produce neither the sound nor the dynamic of cranking a push-pull tube amp, as phase inverter overdrive is a major component thereof).

  6. Gus Topher

    Glenn – give the emulated output a fair shake… it is one of the best I've heard… It's not something I'd use for final recordings… but for scratch tracks and other direct applications, it's really not bad. It actually produces a better direct out than my Mesa Subway Rocket.

  7. Guy Dude

    This review makes no sense. Its just not ever meant to be used like that so of course you have a problem. Why not do an actual blackstar instead of a practice amp?

  8. Alexander Barnes

    i use the blackstar ht5rh head along with my main amp but the blackstar gets all the time based fx so my tone is always clear even with pedals added

  9. danmar007

    I think small Blackstar amps are overrated. Why? I don't know. Paid reviewers? I have the ID Core BEAM and it's as underwhelming as your HT5. It sounds a lot better than the Crate Power Block (which I also have) that everyone keeps raving about. If anyone is lusting after one you can have mine. Only $1000 – lust is expensive. 🙂 The cab sounds great though.

  10. Dylan Benton

    Never go the combo. I play Rock not metal, but i've got a Ht5r plugged into a Greenback 1×12 and it rocks. Better sounds than my TSL at lower volumes.

  11. Jason Jamal Nakleh

    I used to have the head version of this. It sounded mediocre on its own- but I found that putting an EQ in the LOOP made a HUGE difference in the sound. Shaped the gain channel into something much better sounding.

  12. Crunch2

    Good review. Have same amp and have always been ambivalent about it (even with a better cab). It's pretty good with hard rock and classic rock…but overall I find it has a papery cardboard midrange that absolutely begs to be scooped out. Once you set the mids to 0 it begins to sound decent if not still mushy on the lows. But I use greenback style speakers so YMMV.

    The headphone and emulated out are terrible. As in…how can anything sound so bad?

    It's sold as a practice and recording amp but I've never been record great sounds out of it. Cool sounds maybe (when cranked it has an odd warble) It's always those cardboard mids…

  13. Josh Daniels

    Man i have a black star ht20 and the emulated output works great for blending tracks if I'm not using a separate cabinet

  14. Paul Bourque

    Is this a channel for Devil or Satanic worshippers? Cause my minister said the Blackstar stands for Satans hold he puts on all that play this music.And to never buy or bring to our church at practice or Sunday mass.Im confused Glenn.

  15. Doug Welch

    I have one of these which I mostly used for practice. They are very versatile but don't actually nail any one tone. I got a pretty convincing plexi tone by putting a tc electronics spark in front of it. It just sits around gathering dust since I got my katana 100 head.

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