Fearless Gear Review : Antares ATR1 Auto Tune

Fearless Gear Review : Antares ATR1 Auto Tune
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In today’s episode on Spectre Sound Studios I’ll be discussing my “love” of the Antares ATR1 Auto Tune!

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Antares Auto Tune:

Celomony Melodyne:

Links for the USA & Canada:

Drum Mics I’m currently Using:

Kick: Audix D6:

Snare: SM 57:

Snare Mic 2: Studio Projects C4:
Snare Bottom: Audix i5:

Overheads: Roswell Mini K47
TOMS: Sennhiser MD421:

CAD M179 (cheaper option)

Room: Apex 210 Ribbon:
Alternative: MXL R80 Ribbon:

Guitar Mics I’m Using:
Roswell Mini K47
Roswell Delphos:
SM 57:

Sennhiser MD421:

For the Rest of the World!

Kick: Audix D6:
Snare: SM 57:
Snare Mic 2: TBone EM700:
Snare Bottom: Audix i5:
TOMS: Sennhiser MD421:
T Bone SC 450:
Room: TBone RB500:

What I shoot on:
Sony A7sII:
Sony A6500:
Lights VERY similar to my home-built lights:

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  1. Tony Iommi74

    Bottom line: Don't let Glenn be your guest. He can destroy your gear which you paid who knows how much dollar for it 🙂 Funy video 🙂

  2. James Lewis

    Ok Glen, get back to me when you actually make a "fearless gear review" and not a "fearless bitching about so called ethical issues and not even giving a simple demo of the product then breaking it like fucking Techrax". Seriously, I'm not a big fan of autotune myself but this video was just so damn annoying to watch…

  3. JesseJames

    Well that wasn't really a review was it really?
    Like, I'm totally for smashing anything that is regularly used in the music industry, but I was curious as to how it works and the difference between real singing and autotune

  4. Samuel Emmett

    I feel like there are ethical ways to use autotune, and it's similar to how I feel about audio quantization. While neither have a place in the final mix of a song, they can help the vocalist/musician to have a reference to what the final product should sound like. Then the vocalist/musician can have a piece of reference material to practice to.

  5. Kyle 7K

    I have no issue with using autotune as an effect. It's no different than using a delay, reverb, phaser, flanger, distortion. Where would guitars be without distortion? Coffee shop and campfire ponytail guys singing hippy songs on acoustics. However trying to pass yourself off as a good singer with autotune does deserve the ax.

  6. Low-Tech Mods

    Quit being a puss and actually get with the times. Autotune is a valid tool. Might as well throw away your computer and digital processing units, since you are so adverse to using modern equipment.

  7. Dyani K.

    Glenn, what is you opinion on using autotune for non-music-centric endevours, for example, comedy or/and parody acts (like Weird Al, but without a real singer doing vocals)?

  8. BassasaurusRex

    I agree that auto tune is abused to hell with many bands. But I’m more on board with the German guy’s wavelength.
    A note or two in one or two songs in a 8-10 song session is OK for me if the performance is otherwise amazing.

    Even then though, as a person with dignity, you’d like to think the singer would leave the studio after the session and cut a check for $50 bucks to get some work done with a vocal coach so it doesn’t happen again.

  9. David Belcher

    Yeah…..don't sell it and donate the money to the needy, which would actually make AutoTune useful to Society!! Just smash it for 5 seconds of mild joy instead….. Nihilism at its Best!!!

  10. Ian Alderman

    I'd buy the autotune remains if Glenn and Henning signed it, then I'd display that motherfucker on the living room wall! But I bet it's gone now

  11. Rich Sackett

    So, in Germany you have to use safety glasses to destroy equipment but not in Canada? The Germans have so much to teach us all.

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