Ezra Live! BIG NEWS about Tommy Robinson + your questions & comments

Ezra Levant: Tommy Robinson’s family has authorized TheRebel.media to crowdfund a legal fund for his appeal. VISIT

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  1. ike white

    "Who would take their place? "
    We Will Take Their Place, We will Avenge Their Deaths, and We Will fight on until freedom reigns once again!

  2. Samiam

    Teresa may delusional traitor sold her country and the people out to Islam any merceneries ready to deal with these traitors?

  3. Saucytime dotcom

    I just paid Tommy's solicitor for an hour, or a fridge full of food for his Wife and kids. Donate. It feels good.

  4. L

    Yup. They'd rather have him dead. Ultimately a win-win for them. If he lives, he is a constant and central rallying point.

  5. Freda Rounthwaite

    You have got to be joking, Ezra, about the R Fam. The Cabal are essentially bloodlines. Best friends with Jimmy Saville and don’t forget the orphans that went missing from Canada. Went on a picnic with them. Never seen alive again. Enough said!! From UK

  6. Freda Rounthwaite

    You have got to be joking about R. Fam. Best friends with J. Saville. Remember the Canadian orphans went on picnic with them and disappeared. Cabal is essentially bloodlines. Enough said. From UK.

  7. Skye Mc Kensie

    Tommy's arrest has had the reverse affect….I'm astonished at how many people know who he is!! Boy has this plot backfired!!!

  8. Mountain Blade

    Honestly, this needs to be pulled to UN court of human rights, with all the files about hes case with the police and "british justice" its clear their goverment is attempting to get killed.

  9. Connie Frost

    Bless Tommy for his courage to not let these poor children suffer.
    His bravery is going to expose and prepare the People to the 'higher' Elite who have been using children in ways that normal people will not be able to take in and will go into denial if they saw the evidence!
    The People who are witness to this evil and whistled blowed have been murdered, are too scared or threatened in ways not to talk as there are 'higher' levels that you don't want to mess with!!!
    It has taken an ordinary but special man who knows that 'EVIL PERSIST WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING' to save many others who are suffering who are in Care Homes, poor circumstances and in institutions being used as commodies for profit.

  10. Lawrence Burns

    Tommy isn't the only patriot being persecuted like this in the UK. Countless nationalists are currently sitting in prisons across the country, not to mention the world. On the very day National Action was proscribed, over no more than an edgy tweet from one of its twitter accounts, the group was closed down. Since then, despite the group no longer even existing, the police have been arresting former members and remanding them in maximum security prisons, with no evidence of them committing any actual offence. They are then dragged before juries who at best know nothing about NA and at worst are biased against nationalists, and who are ordered not to do any research on the group or the defendants, and to only rely on the extremely one-sided arguments of the prosecution, which are based not on any solid evidence, but on ridiculously over-exaggerated assumptions about the defendants' views, designed to demonize nationalists. In the latest show trial at the Old Bailey in London, all the "evidence" is based on the lies of a paid Hope Not Hate spy and on pure assumption of the defendants motives. In such cases, no evidence is even needed to get a conviction, the juries minds will probably have been made up as soon as they heard the prosecution's interpretation of their "abhorrent views", completely made up accusations of "planning to exterminate all non-Whites, and "evidence of the defendants attending terrorist training camps", which are in reality, no more than boxing and MMA clubs. And now loads of nationalists across the country, who were never even part of NA, are being arrested and charged with membership of NA, and facing totally unfair show trials, and if the jurors believe all the prosecution's bullshit and convict them, they are facing up to 10 YEARS in prison. 10 YEARS for not even committing an offence, just because the jury doesn't like them after believing all the lies about them propagated in the press and by prosecutors and " witnesses" from Hope Not Hate.

  11. Dason Heath

    thank you so much for all the assistance for tommy from you and the team.    he needs a good lawyer and UK needs some new parliament ministers.

  12. John coppinger

    Just seen a debate on Tommy on the pledge Sky news raised by Michelle duberry…..first time I’ve seen this on MSM take a look if you can . Maajid nawaaz giving a very good account of the truth and quoting the fact that 15k people are out on the streets highlighting the injustice of his swift punishment compared to that of the Muslim rape gangs . But also listen to the apologist Rachel Johnson to find out what people in power in this country think . She is either totally stupid or disingenuous or both . Even nick Ferrari brings up the false analogy of white footballers not being labelled Christian if they had raped women. It’s good to see this debate happening on MSM and its ALL down to the people out on the streets in support of Tommy . Well done to you all and keep the pressure on everyone.

  13. john cordey

    Its worth noting that the home secretary Sajid Javid has in his own words used "exceptional powers" to over rule the cannabis oil seizure destined for a severe epileptic 12 year old boy after his supply was cut off thanks to home office rules….Thats twice in one week Sajid Javid has intervened…the other incident?….was a deliberate act to transfer Tommy Robinson from a safe prison ..to one that would put his life in jeopardy.
    Why on earth would someone so high up..get involved with a case of someone on such a minor case?And why isnt the whole country demanding Sajid Javids resignation because this is not appropriate use of his powers …silencing a spokesman against child grooming gangs.

  14. Stewart j Blair [Of planet Earth]

    To put it bluntly I am myself [email protected]#king's ashamed to be British for the first time. N extremely angry how as a father I have to live in fear every time my daughter goes out knowing there's a group of sick perverted evil cowards who are allowed to walk over n ignore are laws n crush people's life's n what's worse n even more sick is how are government is implicit in these crimes n lock any one up for standing up for us all. Tommy Robinson in my eye's is the bravest of us all. I pray he is safe n stays that way we need him. #FREETOMMY

  15. Philip Adkins

    Skin and bones is creeping, doesn't know he's dead.

    Ancient eyes are peeping, from his infant head.

    Politician's argue sharpening their knives.

    Drawing up their bargains, trading baby lives.

  16. giammira

    Britain is getting out of EU. Why are there antiBritain governors still in charge?

    Tolerance is part of British cultural heritage, but not towards intolerant people, right because those people ain't part of British heritage and giving in to them will eventually destroy that very heritage.
    It's common sense.
    What's so hard to understand?
    A child can get it.
    Brits need new parties that are nationalist without being racist and manage to replace the traitor class ruling them

  17. bakersteven3

    SO, looking forward to idiots losing ALL your money as the well known fraudster Stephen, uses your money to buy lager in a wetherspoons !!

  18. roy Ledo

    I don't think it is safe For Trump to visit U.K. at this time . In my view it is the most dangerous place in the world for him .

  19. Chris S

    Remember Ezra is not to be trusted but is to be used as a tool… he makes a living off following whatever cause and hoping people OVERDONATE… I'm sure he doesn't live a frugal lifestyle either… he is spreading the word but pass the money directly to Tommy… find the details on his official facebook page.

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