Everything Wrong With the Coleco Evolved Kickstarter

My strong opinions on the ongoing Coleco Evolved handheld arcade kickstarter campaign.

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Rainbow Brite: A Color Symphony (you know you want to hear the rest of it) –

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  1. Fat Tiger

    Plus if you know anything about the history of Robotech, Macross and Harmony Gold and you care about creator's rights, don't buy anything with the Robotech name on it. It only supports extremely unethical business practices by a disrespectful, amoral, and incompetent company.

  2. The Game Grinder

    Great vid, and won't buy. I did buy the Oregon Trail handheld but the price was reasonable for a novelty item.

  3. shiru8bit

    No need to take much guesses, if you see both NES and SNES games running in same product (line), that's an emulator on some SoC. There is no FPGA implementations of SNES yet, and it would take a real beefy chip. There is no ready to use ASICs to support both systems either, only one or another. There is no Raspberry Pi, of course, because it wouldn't be cost effective, there are much cheaper ARM SoCs out there, or those Chinese Sunway processors that you can find in the cheap portable emulating devices, DVD players with gaming capabilities, and stuff like that.

  4. Tarantulord

    Why does Colleco need a kickstarter do this? I'm pretty sure they got enough money to fund this themselves.

  5. Emceemur

    I am a certified Robotech Historian and I would not be a buyer on that. Also, I respect Rainbow Brite but that game looks like bulldunky. There’s too much gimmicky dook coming out nowadays which like you say, preys on our nostalgia.

  6. Tom's Translations

    There's a reason why the stages in the Rainbow Brite game look bland. In fact, it would be strange if they didn't. Watch the very first episode of Rainbow Brite, and you'll see why. You can find it on Youtube. Search for "Rainbow Brite: Beginning of Rainbow Land."

    But if you don't plan on watching it, here's a summary.

    Before Rainbow Brite became Rainbow Brite, her name was Wisp. She was brought to that dull and barren world to save it. This is why the landscape in the game looks so "bland." (It's not at all colorful in the cartoon, either.) It's a corrupted world that has not yet been saved. It only becomes colorful after Rainbow Brite finds the magical belt and the star sphere that help her defeat the evil king, which is most likely the goal of this game.

    If the world was colorful, it would mean that the land had already been saved.

  7. Eiszapfen der wütenden Winde

    Exactly what this world needs. Moa plastic trash! Moa smallest metals that can't be recycled and are lost for ever. Moa and bigger dumpsters on fire in Africa.
    Simply for the sake of making worthless money, based on someones nostalgia trip and to pollute the world a bit moa.

  8. PK Versus The World

    The amount of stuff companies are making nowadays to pray on people’s nostalgia is at an all time high it seems like. A lot of good points here . Great video Daria !

  9. dèl Păntión

    I'll walk you through my mindset. What the heck is this? Must be some video game thing I don't care about. HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST IT'S ROBOTECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………….uhu…………..okay…………………I……..I see………… yeah that makes a lot of sense. Those dirty goddamn communist bastards! Freaking nostalgia vultures

  10. Fen Y

    I grew up with rainbow brite, so I'd be the target audience, I think. Retro/SNES RPG fan, Zeldalike fan, rainbow brite fan. And that game looks…

    As appealing as you say it does 🙁 Yes, rainbow brite originally came to a world to be saved and made colorful by her (or rather: by Wisp, who'd become RB), but it was not that drab. I've made RPGMaker maps using chipsets I drew myself that were less barren. Come on, Coleco :/

    This is especially bad because even if it WERE intentional that the early stages were drab, and they later filled with color…
    …that'd be what you'd show in a trailer, too! You'd hype up the change, show how much difference defeating bosses and progressing makes! Because that could be interesting. You could even make it a mechanic!

    Can't say I feel differently than you, and your point about the PI sadly makes a dreadful amount of sense, too.

  11. Tom S

    seems like they are just trying to get a chunk of new wave of retro collecting targetting the select few that has the originals in their game room. tiger handhelds 2.0
    great video ^_^

  12. Hairy Cornflake

    I was just going to say that, what's the point?
    If it was modern reproduction of the actual old handheld machines, that would be interesting. But two modern-ish games you can probably download easily…NAH!

  13. Ceraii

    A new product with Robotech involved sign… Oh… Oh…. That's unfortunate. Also unfortunate is the licence for either of those was pretty cheap. I mean its not like you see Robotech anything anywhere. Matter of fact I think I've seen more Rainbow Brite than my beloved Robotech. And yet even more sad is that ripped GBA game. Which was meh at best. At the time of that game's release was Robotech Battlecry for GameCube PS2 and Xbox which WAY more fun.
    Coleco. I get it you're trying to be relevant again. This isn't the way to do it. And you Coleco were my first video game experience way way back when the NES was still new.


    I disagree: it won't be a raspberry pi but almost certainly something cheaper like a cheap Allwinner ARM SoC (not that that really goes against what you're saying). It'll be an Aliexpress gadget with legal licenses lol. A plug 'n play TV game is more purpose-engineered than these things are.

  15. Retro Games Fan

    I feel like the silver lining to this entire project will be after they don't sell well to the masses, they drop the price so that we can grab the shells for cheap then gut them and convert them into games that people actually want. Kind of like what the guys at Old Made New are doing and their stuff already looks way better than "Coleco Evolved" https://www.facebook.com/groups/oldmadenew/

  16. MaximumRD

    I feel nobody asked for or wanted the titles on offer. They should have taken a poll or something offering titles unique to Colecovision or perhaps titles the original coleco had planned but never released. I have no doubt there are very specific reasons they are offering Robo-tech GBA port and Strawberry Shortcake 8bit title but nothing besides the mini cabinets says "COLECO" to me. Just comes off as another cash on marketed to the retro collector crowd because "NOSTALGIA" with zero understanding of what made the originals so cool.

  17. Ancient Dragon

    I was not impressed by the Coleco "Evolved" at all and decided to not throw money into it to be honest. It's not like I am not guilty of backing emulator machines on KS (actually, I did 2 of them), but at least the emulation handhelds at least play lots of games and roms. The only semi-handheld system I'm psyched for is the Neo-Geo Mini.

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