Escort 9500 ix radar detector

Escort 9500 ix is rated as the best radar detector on the market today that combines superior detection on every radar and laser bands used in North America and combines GPS technology that makes this unit the first fully automatic detector. Not only will the 9500 ix sniff out and alert to manned speed traps but also the automated photo enforcement threats such as red light cameras and photo radar. The 9500 ix GPS and computer also blocks out known false alarm locations. Radar Roy and Carl Fors from Speed Measurement Laboratories all agree, the Escort 9500 ix Rocks!
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  1. mike johnson

    What the fuck is up with this video, is this guy modeling or what dude stay still quit be a poser its not going to sell anymore it just makes you look stupid LOL..


    @djholmes86 you have to have a jammer to stop laser, any radar detector that shows laser everyone of them means your fucked already

  3. neuspeed79

    @andyk6925 I have a Bel RX65 and it's a great radar, but the sheer number of false alarms made me sell it.. and get a 9500ix.

  4. dijhili

    @001looker you are obviously some liberal who ignores facts : "A passing lane or overtaking lane is the lane on a multi-lane highway or motorway closest to the center of the road "

  5. Taos Porter

    I'm looking to get a radar detector, but I don't know what I should get. Could someone tell me if this is a good one to get?

  6. CaptainJackRyan

    @transamws6usmc Valentine 1 is the way to go. Check out their website if you do not believe me. It's so legit that you can not get it in stores. Only through their website valentine1 D 0 t com

  7. Insomniac Chainsmoker

    think about it… in the long run fixing a speeding ticket isn't much cheaper than that. saves you money.

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