Episicava Vol. 1 (Part 5) – Put Up Your Dukes!

“Betrayed, defeated, and left alone in the cruel wilderness, the story follows our protagonist, Arin Arlento, and his quest for retribution; one that questions friendship, revenge, and human nature itself. Surrounded by a cast of quirky heroines, the story features a selection of scenes which range from slice of life to heart-breaking sadness to nail-biting action.”

Today we join Arin, a man who has been through so much in such a little amount of time. Due to this, he has grown rather cold, and only seeks vengeance. Where will this story lead him? Lets find out~

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  1. matt87eagle

    You know what, good for Arin in finding a new BFF in Rory. Nothing says bromance like throwing fists charged with electricity at each other, or competing in the main event of ThumbwrestleMainia

  2. Hans Günsche

    I was expecting some really serious reason for why Alacria was following Arin, maybe she knew something about the attack against his people, then we got:

    "It's because I like you"

    Welp, Ala-Perv isn't such a inadequate nickname, Alacria and Kairi will problably duke it out at some point for the spot of top Arin stalker

  3. Tid til At spille

    Now we know Arin he gets bored if there's nothing to do and then he go and play with people
    Ps have been wondering are you still together with maya because I don't see her on the streams

  4. Some_Random_O_O

    this would be the best game if it had more background cg's and voice acting. but the story is pretty interesting and somewhat original

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