Eliminate Vaginal Odor Naturally – “The Doctors” Discuss A Healthy Alternative to Douching

Jennifer asks what she can do to get rid of that “nasty smell down there”. The doctors talk about WaterWorks (www.waterworkshealth.com), a healthy alternative to douching.
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  1. thexophguy

    look stank pussy is not a big deal .

    well it is a big deal , if both man and women ignores the stench . honesty is the key here . if u r a man , and you meet this girl , and date goes well u yumyum each other and play doctors , and u go down unbutton her pants with teeth and WHAAAAAAAAAM! got striked by rotten fish mixed with cheese mixed with burned tire mixed with 20 year old cat smell , it is that moment that is crucial .

    if u ignore it , and u keep doing your thing u gonna have knightmares and wont be able to eat dairy , fried , seafood products for a while , leading to disliking your partner eventually braking up .

    but if u be like " whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , stank pussy stank pussy omg what u got there a dead rat ? plz go ahead and take a shower or imma faint girl ! " then she will be crying later and never wanna see you ….

    best thing to do is , not to go down there , but if you already went u just go back up doing nibbling licking suckin things , and proceed to fucking part if the stench is not too intense . if its unbearable and fills the room , then most likely she is aware of it too and you can talk about it nicely . but nicely ! dont be a fucking wise ass .

    long story short , if u like the girl , and bothered by her pussy stink , just be honest and be nice .

    but dont forget , chemistry is the key here , for both sides , man or women , if their body odor repulses you , like armpits , feet , neck , head it means that you are not fit chemically . this can be overcomed also but takes time . dont forget that . if thats the case , her pussy stink is probably her natural odor , so if u plan on marrying her be ready to learn to like it .

  2. luvpurple95

    Just washing my vulva and labia and not the inside of my vagina has helped tremendously with odor and itching. If your vagina is still itching after that then it your diet. Life gets crazy, our diet changes, we get periods, hormones fluctuate vaginas aren’t gonna smell like a fucking fresh Cinnabon all the time. Everybody has a distinctive odor. As long as it not a foul odor that you can smell with ya legs closer than you good. Water, fruits, cranberry juice, and acv are great for a happy vagina. Keep it simple guys it ain’t that serious lol

  3. superhappylucky

    Can the people on this show just fucking say VAGINA! Is everyone 8 yrs old here???? Not naming it what it is builds into the shame, avoidance and lack of ownership of the most important organ in the female body. It is a VAGINA. There are two sets of Labia, Minora and Majora. There is a Urethra which we have for urination. We have a CLITORIS, it comes with a HOOD, to cover it when we are not sexually active because of its super sensitivity. If we can’t give it the ADULT MEDICAL name, how are we supposed to have orgasms? Jesus Roosevelt Christ.

  4. Veronique Pierre

    Your not suppose to over wash your vagina you don’t need to wash it twice a day that way your killing the healthy bacteria

  5. butterfly tears

    Sometimes it's an imbalance of the flora, which can produce smelly vjay jay, armpits and stomach issues such as ibs. Coconut oil and plain yogurt inserted into the vjay jay for one week worked for me. Scrubbed pits daily with soap, acv, ess. oils and dettol (topped with anti perspirant) for a week and then splashed on some yogurt for a few hours to try and introduce more of the good bacteria. I have to say that my problem pits are smelling much better. I will try taking probiotics for awhile also.

  6. Sinead O'Malley

    Hold on. So they are saying shave but trim. But please stick this up your other hole that a baby come out and a man penis and this used to clean garlic from pans for a chef. Ok

  7. Xeno Saya

    Fruits, berries and melons!!! A clean, mostly plant based diet with tons of detox foods that naturally smell good. If you eat dead animals, expecially fish, what do you think is going to happen INSIDE your body? It rots/ purifies. It takes up to 48 hours to digest animal protein. If you want to smell like a berry, EAT berries! A TON of smoothies, raw juices and fruit salads! If your sweat smell horrible, like death, eat more RAW! I experienced that so often with my sweat, when I eat a bowl of ripe strawberries in the summer it makes me smell like strawberries. And my private parts smell much much lighter because of this lifestyle. When you eat a high fruit diet with a bit of cooked food – thats a good start.
    Body odor, proteins, detox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z50Y_C_L3Ds

  8. glen taylor

    For vaginal infections stop eating highly spiced foods as curry mango and preserved foods as preserved apples.Also eat 1 tbsp. cranberries daily and infection, smell goes quickly.Cranberry juice don't work,its too weak.

  9. Deepa Ratandeo

    Wash vagina twice a day , b4 and after sex,,, eat healthy and drink lots of water and lemon juices,,,, simple as that..lol

  10. Becki Ruther

    There are spray hoses you can buy @ Home Depot or? that attach to toilet water line and you can clean your front & back parts, like a bidet.If you don't have a bidet, you can buy a liquid soap specially formulated for vagina to use in shower

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