eBeggars – GIVE ME MONEY – Ep.1

I take a look at some of today’s hot ebeggars. Let me know if u know of a good method of finding patreons that suck. Patreon only lists a handful of featured projects at a time it seems. Thanks for watching, butthole surfers.

The cool projects i look at in this video:



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  1. Hugh Mungus

    Typical neckbearded salty liberal who thinks they're entitled to free money just for being alive. Such a special little snowflake ❄

  2. Maui Randall

    kind of lame for rich guy to make like 60 videos complaining about poor people
    Seriously every single video of yours in my head I just imagine that meme were you cut to a video page of you saying the things that you're saying to acknowledge the irony but you never do it

  3. Maui Randall

    Do actually imply asking for an apple watch is worse than a news company lying to endorse a war that has killed thousands of civilians?

  4. West Rider

    Ian's point on depression was good, but what he said about unclassy ungentleman-like men always obsessing over these gentleman-like, Peaky Blinders-esque aesthetics is bang on. It's so basic and typical of men on British social media, makes me cringe.

  5. Angel Face

    And yet…we do have idiots who have made it..unfortunately..reminds me of the "men" who want too be preachers so they never have too work. :/ LAZY entitled arseholes.

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