Dr. John Lott: Another concealed carry hero stops shooter

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media talks to gun crime expert Dr. John Lott about an armed usher who prevented a church shooting from escalating:
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  1. D33Lux

    Canada is a disgusting and immoral country, its hypocritical on all accounts. Illegals can enter this country if they're of a certain religious group, thus break the law and now with bill M-103 those same criminals have special privileges that other religious groups and tax payers who are not religious don't have.

    Its also legal now for doctors with consent of the patient to have doctor assisted suicide. So the Rights and dignity of that sovereign human being is granted so they can end their life, BUT people who want to live and believe in self preservation are denied their human Right to live. Its is deemed unlawful by the courts and police, those who want to defend themselves in Canada with any tool, even though its written in Section 7 of the charter of rights and freedoms.

    Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada's Constitution says:

    "Everyone has the Right to life, liberty and Security of the person…" The definition of security is "Something that makes one safe." its not defined what that something is, so for the police and courts to say you "Cannot use" a firearm in self-defense anywhere in Canada is in COMPLETE VIOLATION OF THE CHARTER and is unconstitutional for anyone to deny you, your Right to self-defense aka "Security of the person".

    Further more the corrupt RCMP criminal organization and immoral CFO (chief firearms officer) denies you the Right to the ATC (authorization to carry permit) which is available and 100% legal in Canada. For no particular reason after paying approximately $100 dollars to submit the permit, it is outright denied. In this immoral nation, you need to get approval by some fascist government goon so you can use a tool to preserve your life, which is denied no matter how many times you apply for it. They want you to have a valid reason to have it. How about "Security of the person." written in the Charter. Besides why would someone need permission for self-defense, its insane. By the CFO denying the ATC that is also breaking the law because essentially he's putting you in a position where you can be injured or killed and its a form of involuntary suicide which now by law "assisted suicide" requires consent.

    I wonder if the CFO is violating the Rights of those people who want to die at the hands of a doctor who will provide "Assisted Suicide"? Why is the CFO, police, politicians interfering with those who want to live, protect, and survive.

  2. Michael E. Kaminski

    Typical genetic mess. All vanity, inferiority, and pathological violence. These men coming from Africa are the equivalent to a wild animal. How do our politicians actually believe a Hyena from the other side of the world can coexist with western society is beyond me. Most of these guys we see wandering like this thing are from conditions we cannot even imagine. If these people are truly victims of political oppression or tribal genocide, shouldn't they be in intensive therapy ? Shouldn't they be monitored? So, that is my stating point in this, the experiences and exposure to the more "primal" world , where machetes are the rule of law, Jesus, how many more more rapes of elderly women and assaults on white women do we have to take? Is anyone counting? We're are the black victims? Are there any? What is a hate crime? Do our politicians here in the US even think of this shit ?

  3. Andy Hart

    I would have went ahead, and executed this guy once I had him at gunpoint. I would have told him to walk outside of the church, and shot him in the parking lot.

  4. Stephen Tucker

    Why do think Pretty Boy Trudeau has ARMED security? Because HIS life is worth more than YOUR life. Got it? All you servile subjects of the Crown.

  5. tsfcancerman

    At least the guy fought back instead of just letting him shot him or others. All ppl in this position should learn to attack the shooter if they cant hide, cause at least you didnt let the person shoot anyone without a fight.

  6. tsfcancerman

    If that church after this start to protest against guns you know its a libtard church, realy hope the church makes it ok to carry in church so it dont happen as easy again.

  7. buriedtoodeep

    They always hit the 'safe zones'. All of Australia is supposed to be a 'safe zone', which is why I'm too petrified to go out at night.

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