Dies Irae Episode 4 – The Plan Comes Out – REVIEW

Hey! Welcome to Couch Talk. We are a Podcast channel, that talks about video games and anime. We also do anime reviews per episode. Today’s episode is Dies Irae. We review Dies Irae episode 4. Let us know your thoughts on Dies Irae episode 4.

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  1. Click3tyClick

    They left out the part where Spinne explains why he wants to work with Ren. Spinne basically doesn't actually want to bring back Reinhard and the rest of the higher ranking members of the LDO pretty much because he's scared shitless of them, so he wants to have Ren disrupt the ritual. It's a shame that they left it out, because seeing how much their own guys fear the LDO top dogs really drives home how fucking terrfying they are.

  2. YoxalLoyal

    A shame that they changed the Spinne fight entirely which includes making Ren going out of character. Remember how he told Kasumi about her breast mole last episode? Well, that little trivia was supposed to be exposed this episode where he should've differentiated between the proxy and real Kasumi by if the proxy had the mole or not. After Ren realizes that the proxy is not Kasumi, he activates his Formation/Yetzirah and defeats Spinne. Also, they left out a good scene where Ren and Marie (in voice only) chant part of the anime's slogan "Verweile doch du bist so schon" as he goes into Formation with his Ahnenerbe.

    As for Ren growing lots of blades out of his body, yeah the visual novel was simpler and only showed his main guillotine blade on his right arm. I'm guessing the anime tried, in a weird way, to show Ren's immature Yetzirah form as he was batshit crazy at the time and can't control it well.

    Theresia is Rea's baptized name that Trifa mentioned in episode 2.

    Some fun facts:
    – They spoiled Trifa's Ahnenerbe for all you guys. It wasn't shown this early in the story in the original, but I guess the anime studio thought it was okay to show you guys it.
    – There is a good (painful) reason why all the members reacted when the second Swastika opened and it has something to do with their relationship with Reinhard. Won't say any further than that.
    – Technically, the anime is 17 episodes (ep. 0 + 11 broadcast episodes + 6 online-only episodes) so while rushed, they may be speeding through the common route to get to Marie's route by episode 6.

  3. AnJiTzU

    The anime will be 18 episodes.
    Theresia is Rea, Trifa just calls her like that, I think he explained that when he was introduced.

  4. Shurado Shikoten

    I pray they include chants cause they are like one of the best thing in the Dies Irae or what its known for. They make it their chant so grand and powerful. The rank from Assiah(Activity) to Briah(Creation) can normally be obtained except the final stage is something beyond human understanding let alone common sense. You'll be surprised how ridiculously strong when achieving the final stage. I'm actually seeing something from what the studio presented the past few episodes. It's more like they're rushing through the common route to get to Marie route so they can provide give more screentime for her route. Still if they plan to change some events in the story, I hope it works out or there's gonna be an issue. Also, the place Ren and Marie was in is very important to the story. Now that 2 Swastikas are open, only 6 more to go before Reinhard descends from his throne. I still want to hear those awesome chants in the later episodes when the battle truly starts. Especially the final battle of this route. All hail Reinhard aka Kemono-dono!! lol.

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