CRAZY Keyboard You WEAR!

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TAP is a wearable keyboard, mouse, and game controller you can use on any Bluetooth-enabled computer or phone IRL, in AR, or VR!

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  1. DamageJackal

    I could only imagine me trying to use this after my 3rd cup of Coffee at 5:45 am while shaking like a Dog Shitting Peach Seeds.

  2. Caspex

    if you master this then basically, you be gaming like a champ and write shit like flash.Your hands be moving like you are using Ninjustsu

  3. Grzegorz Woś

    For first- can you use one as mouse and second as a keyboard
    For second- If you can, can you GAME ON IT!!!

  4. MeepMu

    Can you customize the gestures? What about having one on each hand, so there are more fingers for more easily performable gestures? I play a music instrument, so i already associate certain gestures with letters.

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