Classic Game Room – SEGA GAME GEAR review

Classic Game Room HD reviews the SEGA GAME GEAR which was originally released in North America in the year 1990! Handheld gaming has never been less portable but more exciting. The Sega Game Gear eats six AA batteries in two hours but delivers Sega quality video games on a full color screen. Take that black and white Nintendo Game Boy! Color! Even if you need to plug it in to play games lasting more than 2 hours… The Game Gear may show its age with a dim LCD screen and washed out colors, common with older handhelds these days. But an awesome library of collectable games await you for an affordable price. Perhaps you just want to rebuild your collection and relive your youth? Were you playing Game Gear in the hallway while making smart-assed comments as kids with their sad black and white game boys walked by? Did your Game Gear accidentally beat up a rival’s Atari Lynx? Yeah, you know it. The Game Gear may not be the handheld of choice now but it was a terrific addition to the Sega hardware catalog and was built to last (as well as it could). This CGR review shows a Sega Game Gear in the video game review and features Game Gear games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat II. The Sega Gamegear review shows the Sega Game Gear screen, battery compartments and buttons up close.

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  1. Balta Bueno

    My mom bought me a Sega Game Gear when I was about 5 years old, probably around 1999-2001. I don't have it anymore but the colors on top of the logo were gray instead of red, green and blue. She told me it costed $100 dollars at a mall, today it would cost maybe $120-150 dollars. She bought me Sonic Spinball and my cousin gave me a Simpsons game.

  2. Captain N The Game Master

    Okay, I had a game gear before I had a gameboy (years before). And it was fuckin' awesome! And I'm a nintendo guy, never had any other sega system except the game gear. "Wah its too big"….too big? What other things are you holding in your hands at the same time you're playing it that make it hard to hold? There were additional battery packs you could get, I had one that hand handles added which I actually preferred even though they made the game gear bigger. Yes; only ~6 hours on a charge, but that's why you got the car adapter and when in the car, you just did whatever you wanted the whole time. Its not like people play these games while walking, just plug the damn thing in every once and a while.

  3. SonicTheHedgehogFan Rules

    On the right hand side of the game gear you forgot to mention the brightness slider for the screen so the screen is not fading its the brightness it is to high.

  4. SonicTheHedgehogFan Rules

    While I have to blow into the cartridges sometimes my game gear plays good and the screen hasn't faded because I adjusted the brightness with the brightness slider on the right side of the game gear

  5. SonicTheHedgehogFan Rules

    Tip for buying a game gear which is when you buy one make sure it comes with the AC Adaptor because youth will need it when playing at home and buy a Car Adaptor to play in a car without battery and make sure the batteries are rechargeable s you can recharge them when they die

  6. people 48

    I don't want one of these because they tend to break. I would treat it as a home console. Like the lynx but the lynx is something I would like because it lasts longer, same hardiness as game boy really.

  7. Ungantor

    Something worth noting for people watching this video in 2017; I think we all know that Nintendo is going to keep releasing their old gameboy games over and over again until the cows come home. But it isn't exactly the case for old Sega games… It's seriously worth doing a youtube research trip before you decide which console was really better! GG Shinobi and Halley Wars are two good games that tend to be super cheap on the game gear, just to start you off. ;I

  8. Cad avr

    i remember being in preschool and some kid let me play on this thing and years later i got one of the first game boys and for years i could have sworn that the gamegear had colors, but i was just like nah my mind is playing tricks on me.. but it actualy had colors

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