CES 2018 Panasonic Press Conference

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  1. Bud The Cyborg

    I still have the old vinyl collection from my parents, including the Star Wars soundtrack. Need to get a table for it.
    Man alive am I glad I didn't throw those out.

  2. Emmett AU

    I have no idea why Panasonic believes its a good idea to keep talking about 100 years. Tech is about innovation and looking forward – they seem more interested in looking back. Someone also needs to let Panasonic know that CES = Consumer Electronic Show – I understand they've largely given up competing in consumer electronics because they lost out to Samsung, LG and Sony but it'd be nice to have a well considered and strong consumer electronics strategy and product line-up / announcement for North America.

  3. Bk94541

    WHEN U GUYS GONNA MAKE AFFORDABLE PROJECTOR like AE-8000U such as i love & I bought 2 of them used to make..i wanna upgrade mine to 4K…comeon bright those good old affordable home theater projectors used to make

  4. Ysmael Pascual

    The autofocus of the Panasonic hg5 is sucks/ terrible/ unreliable / un (disparate) in Spanish they promise us better autofocus it is 2018 and I promise that the gh5s and the G9 still sucks 100 % I also believe that 95 % of people who use Panasonic they did not ask for a gh5s all the review on YouTube people ask for a better autofocus that's it

  5. Krzysztof Kordecki

    I to się właśnie nazywa porządna firma z tradycją. Chyba to obecnie najlepszy producent elektroniki. Do tego świetny pomysł z gramofonami!

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