Caverns Deep! Kickstarter Introduction Video

It’s that time of year again– we have launched a new Kickstarter for our new product line: Caverns Deep!

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A bunch of amazing people helped make this video and kickstarter happen. We are eternally grateful to each and every one:

Written & Directed by
Nate Taylor

Stefan Pokorny

Team Dwarven Forge
Stefan Pokorny Founder & CEO
Nate Taylor Creative Director
Nina Heath Team Lead
Erin Scime Senior Creative
Tobi Liberson Senior Creative
Elye Alexander Senior Creative
Michelle McGriff Senior Creative
Janet Feldman Designer
Selina Heinen Video Wizard
Chuck McGriff Customer Service
Johanna Pfund Webmistress
Momo Heath Mascot Hellhound

KS6 Creative Team
Drew Williams Additional Sculpting
Todd Harris Additional Sculpting
Boris Wolosyn Additional Sculpting
Erin “Hamster” Miller Creative
Nathaniel Lee Painter
Felipe Torrent Concept Art
Jenna Lonczak Additional Design

KS6 Film Team
Aaron Blanton Cinematographer
Dennis Metoyer Additional Cinematography
Lucas Murphy Editing Assistant
Brian Goodheart Audio Engineer & Mixer
Music produced by Battlebards
Richard Daskas Composer

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  1. iceycat25

    I missed Stefan's involvement on the KS5 videos. Nate does a great job, he's very good but Stefan is kind of the face of the company too. That said I love Nate's walkthrough videos. He's clear, concise and informative which are probably not Stefan's strong suits since he tends to be a loveable goof and gets side tracked easily. Between the two of them they really compliment each other well as the spokesmen for the company and Nate has REALLY upped Dwarven Forge's production value for visual content to the next level.

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