Cardo vs Sena – Best Motorcycle Communication Systems of 2018

In 2018, it’s easy to assume that all bluetooth motorcycle communication systems are abundant, astonishing, astounding and A1 on all accounts. But life isn’t that easy. Ryan runs through some of the beauties (and fails) from Cardo and Sena, eh.

Gear breakdown:
0:27 – Cardo Packtalk Bold –
1:32 – Sena 20S EVO Bluetooth Headset –
3:33 – Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset –
5:45 – Cardo Packtalk Slim Headset –
7:12 – Cardo Freecom 2 Headset –

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  1. X- Rated

    I don't know where you guys are shopping at, but you can find a brand new 30k for about $250 or less USD. on eBay. I just recently purchased an open box for $150 shipped. All accessories still in the packages, and the unit itself is in perfect condition and funtons flawlessly. Additionally, if you're gonna use a GP10 (Which I do) you're gonna NEED a Sena to achieve UHD audio. Just my .02

  2. RIVOQ - Regroupement d'Informations sur les Vestiges Oubliés du Québec

    Hi Bryan, as a technical guy I really appreciate your Vlogs and the edits from Steve. I run a blog as a personnel project and have many future plans. Would you mind to let me know what microphone you use to record your voice when you have your helmet on? Thanks and keep riding!

  3. Ross Davies

    Can you look at doing something regarding lockable bike luggage? I study somewhere I don’t exactly trust the people and I’d rather not leave my gloves etc lying around unsecured…
    And in keeping with that maybe something about the more effective ways to secure your helmet if you can’t always have it on you?

    Either way, great channel, gear reviews that break things down like yours do are very useful to beginners and the uninitiated

  4. Matthew M

    Sena 30K is awesome, I had a problem with the fact that Cardo would only allow two Bluetooth connections, that means my phone takes up one. Because we are at a transition period here I decided to go with the Sena 30K which has voice control and furthermore allowed 4 Bluetooth (instead of two)connections and also mesh technology…… but wait there’s more, the 30K also has bridge technology which also allows Bluetooth and mesh riders to have the ability to bridge intercoms. I just got back from a seriously wet ride from Chicago to Devils Tower and back again with absolutely no water issues. Sena 30K is the one for me, love it.

  5. Adelbert Brideau

    Excellent comprepensive, yet simple and humorous, review of these motorsports communication devices. Thanks as you made my decision in this regard so much more easier!

  6. bamischijfje123

    Jezus 350 bucks? I have some speakers and a mic going to my phone in my helmet, and I just skype. I can also play music. All for less than 50 bucks

  7. superdupermax

    My Smh10 still running strong after 5 years of use on my street, snowboard, and dirt helmet. No issues so far…. so maybe new isng always good 😉

  8. Joel Merrick

    Serious question, if you don't care about talking to people and primarily want to listen to music, which sounds better?

  9. Colin Wagner

    I noticed you have a Spot(?). Consider looking into the Garmin inReach Mini for similar (better) functionality, with a smaller form-factor. Love your videos, would love you to join the Garmin tribe.

  10. BOBtoper

    I hope you make money on this videos;) there's nothing better than make money on your hobby. Good video full of fun. Waiting for next one

  11. Avid Enduro

    Hey Ryan can you do a review on riding shorts, like the LD Comfort Riding shorts? Before I drop $50 on pair I was hoping you could make one of your costly, time intensive videos. Is that coo? not coo? I'm just trying to figure out what's coo…

  12. Visian

    Good lord what annoying presenter!!! Good info here but he makes it almost impossible to understand! (The editing doesn’t make it easier, fwiw)

  13. Charles Mattina

    I've used Cardo (Q3) and was definitely unhappy with it. It was hardly compatible with the SENA gopro backpack. Some functions never worked right consistently. Ultimately, it did the trick and the intercom worked well when needed. Will do SENA next time,

  14. michael enochs

    I tried the Sena 20S Evo and I seriously thought the speakers were from a 99¢ store. They sound horrible. I've got a stock crotch rocket. It's not loud and I couldn't hear shit with the Sena. Its funny because every motorcycle store has them. Makes me think they cornered the market because I has to order my Uclear Amp Pro. 200% difference in the Amp Pro. Like he said in his top 5 Bluetooth headset review, you can't go wrong with "Amp" in the name. And he was right! I've got SOOO much bass and Treble frequency range. I am really impressed with the Uclear. If you don't believe me, buy the Sena, try it for a week and then take it back and order the Uclear Amp Pro. I guarantee you'll hear a difference.

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